Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays from Pendraig Siberian Cats!



We at Pendraig Siberian Cats wish you a joyous holiday season filled with love.   May your new year bring many blessings and if you are a lucky owner of a Siberian Cat may that year be full of purrs and fun that leaves lasting memories in your heart.

Love to you all!

Dawn, Doug & Gabriel Campbell

Pendraig Siberian Cats

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Siberian Kittens for Christmas

Image of pregnant Siberian Cat. Lily has done it again and this is her last litter with us, no surprise she’s going out with a bang.  Her litter with Karat is amazing.  This is a bitter sweet moment for me because Lily is near and dear to my heart and has been one amazing mother, a loving and sweet companion and she understands me.  I tell her to get in her nesting box and she does, I ask her if she’s hungry and she lets me know, she is going into labor she tells me and wants to cuddle.  She is retiring to live with our dear friends and their sweet children, one of which is allergic to cats so she is a very special pet for him.  I am going to miss her dearly and cannot help but consider keeping one of these of her kittens.  My cattery has had some great success and it is due in no small part to her.Image of Golden tabby Siberian Cat.

I also have to thank Karat and his breeders.  Both Jorrah and Forestwind Siberian Cats have done an amazing job of putting some of the best traditional lines together and Karat has so much to give to my cattery  I am so grateful to them both for letting us care for, love and use this wonderful male for the year.  I will hope and pray that besides his obviously good looks they also get his amazing temperament and sultry green eyes.

Now onto the introductions for our new Siberian Kittens.

Meet the Boy: A Silver Tabby Siberian Kitten

Image of silver Siberian Kitten.

Darling and handsome this boy looks so much like his father, Karat, only in a lovely silver shade.

He has a promising muzzle already and was born with a hefty weight.  He was our first kitten and I wondered if Lily was going to give me some males for once.  She has only had a few in her breeding career which is surprising as most breeders complain of having way too many male kittens.

He is definitely on hold.

Meet the Girls:  More Torbie Siberian Kittens

Image of silver torbie Siberian Kitten.

This sweet girl has the most red on her than any of the others, at least for now.  She has a lovely blazing red head which I noticed immediately when she was born.  She is the second kitten born of this great litter.

I am already quite smitten with her dazzling pattern, bright colors and large muzzle.

This girl is also on hold.

Image of brown siberian kitten

This lovely girl is a very warm brown tabby with inky black markings.  I believe she is a torbie but the red is hard to find right now so we shall wait and see.

She is lovely and large and if she inherits her father’s startling green eyes will definitely be a looker.

This sweet girl is on hold for now.

Image of brown torbie female siberian kitten.

This is the darker girl but she is definitely a brown torbie with a half red foot and some dazzling markings.

She is large and quite sweet already.  We expect she will be the apple of her new parent’s eyes when they take her home.

She is on hold for a family on our waiting list.

Image of silver siberian kitten.


And finally we have this stunning and large girl.  She seems to be silver but it’s early to tell.  She is so sweet and adorable.

I love her strong chin and big muzzle.  Her markings are also quite alluring as they just have that painted on look which I’ve come to admire within the golden line Siberian cats.

She is also on hold for now.

Getting a Pendraig Siberian Kitten

We hope you have enjoyed seeing our lovely Christmas Siberian Kitten Litter.  We will be updating with new photos as they grow.

It is likely all these kittens will be taken by those waiting patiently on our waiting list but we encourage you to fill out an application for kitten adoption if you are interested in our kittens.  Though it sometimes requires some waiting our previous clients can tell you that it is well worth the wait to get a kitten from Pendraig Siberian Cats and to become part of our growing cat family.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Siberian Kittens – 1 week old

Photo of 1  week old litter of Siberian Kittens.

Litter K


Well, we’ve made it a whole week and eyes are starting to open.  The little darlings are seeing us for the first time and their world though I know their vision is still very blurry.  They are so gorgeous and this has to be one of my best litters ever, I know in large part it is due to the stunning sire of the litter Zoran and to his owners for their exceptional care of Dica before and during her pregnancy.Image of Siberian Kittens.

The two kittens that were having trouble are doing much better and gaining well.  There is still a long way to go but I am very hopeful that they will continue to thrive. “Little Blue”  especially has a fire to her and a strong spirit.  She is absolutely adorable and even though she seems tiny compared to her litter mates she is larger than life.

Today we convinced Dica to allow us to steal her kittens for a few minutes to take some photos.  She was tolerant and as I put them back I could see her carefully counting them and inspecting them.  She is a devoted and fantastic mother Siberian Cat.

The Siberian Kitten Girls

Images of Siberian Kittens at one week old in Texas.

All three of these lovely girls are beautiful and each is unique.  On the left we have the blue tortie and white (blue calico) Siberian kitten that we are calling “Little Blue”.  In the middle, hiding her face is the sweet torbie that may be a brown torbie and white.  On the right is a lovely silver torbie and white girl that we are holding for a potential future Pendraig Siberian Cat Queen.Photo of blue smoke calico Siberian kitten.

First we have the “Little Blue”.  She was born as the size of a preemie Siberian Kitten and had to be supplemented for the first few days of her life.  Now she is nursing well from her mother and quickly gaining grown on her siblings.  She has a fiery spirit and already loves to cuddle maybe because she received extra cuddles while nursing from a bottle in my hands.  She has the most darling red flame on her forehead and a gorgeous blue coat.  She may be a blue smoke tortie and white but it’s too soon to tell.

Image of a silver torbie siberian kitten in Texas.  Next there is the darkest torbie.  She is probably a silver but we won’t know for awhile.  She has the most dazzling and bright colors, a lovely head and gorgeous coat.  She competes with the boys often for biggest in the litter though today her sister took her over and two of the boys outpaced them both.  This girl is calm and collected and loves to snuggle.

Image of Silver Siberian Kitten calico. The bright silver Siberian kitten in the litter is this lovely girl.  She is on hold and may be remaining here as part of the future Pendraig Siberian Cat Queens.  She has the bright silver color we’ve been looking for along with some wonderful potential in her muzzle, coat, head and type.  We are watching her closely.  Her color pops already and she has a calm demeanor.

The Siberian Kitten Boys

Image of three red Siberian kittens.We have lots of red!  And how not when I love it as I do?  These boys are my pride and joy and it is amazing to have so many all in one litter.  They are sweet and cuddly and I adore them.

Our three boys are each unique in their own ways.  The spotted boy has been lagging a bit behind on weight but with some supplementing he is doing much better and he is a real darling.  He has lovely spots on both sides just like his mother in bright red.  He seems to be a red silver but Image of Red Spotted Siberian kitten.without white unlike the other two.  He is a special boy and will make someone a wonderful companion.

His brothers are nearly identical in color though their patterns are slightly different.  One male however is lighter and may be a higher grade silver when he matures.  Mostly I tell them apart because this male has more white on his back legs and in the right light I can see his coat is a paler red.

Image of an orange marble striped kitten. He is a large boy, often the heaviest in the litter but sometimes he trades off with his near twin, the other red classic, and the dark torbie girl.  He is lovely and and sweet.  I expect he will be a large boy, perhaps like his great great uncle Ivan.

He has a handsome pattern that will become even more alluring as he matures and the pattern can separate more and resolve and his silver coat can grow in more fully.

Last but not least is the darker red classic male.  He is a sweet and affectionate little Image of red classic Siberian kitten. boy and the first to open his eyes to the world.  His classic pattern is very beautiful and eye catching.  It seems to pop out.  He is already showing the wonderful Cica coat and we have high hopes for this guy.  He is on hold pending evaluation.

We are very proud of this litter and we love each and every kitten.  It is wonderful to have such a colorful and happy group of kittens and we cannot wait to see how they grow and to meet their new families who will, we hope, adore them as much as we do.  Kittens like these are part of the great joy of being a Siberian Cat Breeder.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dica’s Kittens… update

This is a great new litter for us at Pendraig Siberian Cats.  We continue our prized foundation line SunFire with the help Nadezhda Siberians and their gorgeous stud, Zoran.  We are so proud of Dica, she is an excellent and devoted mother and couldn’t be more special or more loved in our hearts and now beloved also by our friends at Nadezhda.

Meet the Siberian Kitten Girls

Image of Siberian Kitten a lovely blue tortie and white. This is the lovely and tiny little blue tortie and white girl (calico).  Despite her small size she is a little fighter and we have hopes she will continue to gain well and survive.  Breeding cats is sometimes a very sad and difficult task as it does not take long to become very attached to the little ones especially the ones that need the extra care and love like this little girl.  We are calling her “Little Blue” for now and we need as many prayers and positive thoughts sent her way as possible.

Image of torbie Siberian kitten in Texas.

This girl is big and bold with striking markings!  We think she is a silver torbie but it’s hard to say as her nose looks brownish.  Some of our silver Siberian kittens start out with some brownish tones

to their coat and develop the inhibitor gene as their coat grows out.  This girl has great promise as Zoran’s kittens usually do and we are very pleased overall with the quality of this litter and the match between our Siberian Cat Dica and the stunning stud that lives at Nadezhda Siberians.

Image of silver torbie Siberian kitten from a Siberian Cattery.

Large and darling this girl is a hopeful for a future queen.  We are holding her pending evaluation.  She is a beautiful silver torbie with wonderful white markings.

She reminds me of Galina from a previous Siberian kitten litter we had last spring.  Her markings are eye catching and we are hopeful we will have a SunFire line female kitten to show in CFA and TICA next year.  She has signs already of the signature, and luxurious coat of the Cica cattery’s Siberian cats.

Meet the Siberian Kitten Boys

Photo of cameo classic siberian kitten at Pendraig a Texas Siberian Cattery.

We have three lovely red boys.  The first is the lighter silver classic.  He has a wonderful swirl on each side and white back legs.  He may have white front paws but it is hard to see in a red silver kitten this young.

He has a thick coat already an a beautiful head shape.  He alternates with his near twin for biggest in the litter, they trade off each day with one being a gram or two heavier.

Photo of a red silver classic Siberian kitten.

His brother here is almost identical and we have trouble telling them apart initially.  He is slightly darker than his brother and has less white on his back legs.

This boy has a really wide muzzle and strong chin already, the great Cica coat and of course a stunning classic pattern.  He is on hold pending evaluation.

He is a chunky monkey like his brother and it is cute to watch them wiggle and squirm pushing each other off the prime nursing areas.

Image of red spotted siberian kitten.

Last but not least we have the last red boy who has the interesting and unique large spots similar to his mother.  He has a wonderful coat as you can see in this photo and he is a little darling.

He was one of the kittens we began to supplement as he was not gaining as well but we are happy to report that he is now gaining well and is on his way to being a robust red tabby Siberian cat like his great great grandfather, our first Siberian, Boris.

That concludes the introductions!  Soon we will get photos to commemorate their first week.  Their eyes will begin to open soon as well and that is always a joy to have the little guys start to see us and interact with their environments more.

All of these kittens are on hold for those on our waiting list and are not available.  If you would like a Pendraig Siberian Kitten of your very own please contact us or fill out an application and we will add you to our waiting list.  We have two more exciting litters due this month including Lily on Christmas Day and Eowyn on New Years Day.

Happy Holidays from Pendraig Siberian Cats!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The wait is over… Siberian Kittens are here!

Pendraig Boudicca Aslanovna SunFire is a mother again and this time she has had a huge litter of gorgeous babies with Cica’s Zoran Yaroslavovich Black from Nadezhda Siberian Cats.  We were sure the litter was going to be bigger this time as Dica was large and very uncomfortable this last week but what a surprise to get 6 lovely Siberian kittens.

Photo of Pendraig Siberian Kittens born December 2009. We have 2 red silver classic boys, 1 red silver spotted boy (spotted like Dica), 1 silver torbie and white girl, 1 blue and white tortie girl, and 1 possible tortie and white girl (she may be classic… not sure yet!).  We are happy and excited to welcome these little ones into the world.

Zoran has been a busy boy and has another beautiful litter with our friends,  some might even be available if you are looking for a special Siberian kitten to add to your family.

Image of Silver Torbie female Siberian kitten with white legs. As for this litter they are all unofficially reserved because the waiting list we have is long but with so many born we may have extra room for the other Siberian kitten litters so be sure to get your application in now if you want to make a Pendraig Siberian Cat part of your family.

Don’t forget we have more kittens due on Christmas Day at Pendraig Siberian Cats in Texas.

Friday, December 4, 2009

New Siberian Kittens… for Christmas!

That’s right, its going to be a busy Christmas holiday here at Pendraig Siberian Cats.  We have 3 litters of kittens due over the holidays and our waiting lists are  nearly full.  Our lovely girl Dica is due with Zoran’s kittens (from stud Nadezhda Siberian Cats) any day now.  We have a gorgeous stud visiting us from Forestwind Siberians named Karat and he has potentially sired two upcoming litters.  One is with Lily and she is due on Christmas day if she is pregnant, which looks likely. The second is with Eowyn who is due for New Year’s Day.

Photo of Siberian cat Pendraig Boudicca Aslanovna SunFire a spotted Siberian cat queen at Texas cattery Pendraig. Our girl Pendraig Boudicca Aslanovna SunFire has developed alluring deep green eyes as she has matured.  Her coat is very good and her type is showing the promise I saw in her as a very young kitten that fit in the palm of my hand.  She has a very unusual spotting pattern with classic that creates large spots that are almost, but not quite, rosettes.  She has a generally sweet nature, mixed with the appropriate level of “tortitude”, and is intelligent and supremely healthy.  We have been looking forward to his litter for a long time and we hope to get a potential keeper for our cattery to continue the generations of the SunFire line we treasure so much.  This waiting list is full for now unless she has a HUGE litter of Siberian Kittens.

Photo of Sunbeam Lilyana of Pendraig Lily is Dica’s mother and she has given us a few great litters.     After one more litter Lily will be retiring to live with our dear friends here in Central Texas and we are glad that she will have a home where she is adored by the love of a little boy.  There is nothing greater or more powerful than the love of a child.  Lily’s kittens with Karat should show serious promise and we hope his large size, exceptional character, amazing green eyes and intelligence will be passed onto his kittens.  We know from past experiences Lily produces kittens in a riot of unusual and flashy colors with exceptional personalities ideal for loving and adoring their future human companions.

Photo of Pendraig Eowyn a blue silver spotted tabby Siberian Cat. Eowyn is our shy and sweet blue silver tabby.  Her silver is very difficult to see but she passes it on nicely to her kittens sometimes.  She is bred to the hunk Karat and we are hoping for wonderful green eyes siberian kittens since both parents have them as well as very large size as Eowyn is a hefty, big boned beauty.  Eowyn also has the amazing Cica coat and we hope she will pass that onto her kittens.  We are considering retaining one of her kittens so we can retire this lovely girl to a life of luxury.

In 2010 we have some exciting developments including our first litter where Golden Siberian Cats will be possible.  Check back for a big update on our plans for the New Year.

Photo of Esenia Auric of Pendraig Siberian Cats a golden spotted siberian cat Photo of golden carrier torbie Siberian cat Forestwind Gemma of Pendraig.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dica’s Romantic Getaway


Our lovely girl Dica leaves on Sept 17, 2009 for her romantic getaway.  She will be meeting Grisha’s handsome half brother, the stunning Zoran.  He resides at Nadezhda Siberian Cats in Houston.

After this litter we hope to get her on a nice long break.  If you have wanted a kitten out of Dica to call your own please don’t hesitate.  It will be late next year before she is bred again.

If Dica cycles on schedule she will be bred soon for Kittens in November or December.  It is our hope that we will get a gorgeous male out of our SunFire line combined with Zoran’s large size, good looks and amazing muzzle.Drako_2009July28_001

Dica’s two kittens from her first litter with Grisha are quite lovely, large and amazing.  The male red silver classic Siberian Cat Drako is going as a stud and show prospect to a new cattery.  His sister Halinka has already left for her home and is settled in with her new boyfriend and her new momma.  Please read our Siberian Kitten testimonials to see how she’s settling in.

Zoran We know that our hard work over the past 5 years has finally started paying off and that is in large part to finding a great stud like Grisha and now Zoran.  The Cica cattery truly has created some amazing studs in these two boys.  We are blessed to have Nadezhda Siberians working so closely with us to achieve this dream come true litter for us.

Dica will leave for her romantic getaway on Thursday and return to us in a few weeks if all goes as planned.  Zoran’s wonderful family is going to take great care of our little girl and if it wasn’t for this wonderful friendship we’d never consider using an outside stud in this manner.

We cannot wait to see the kittens these two cats produce.  If Zoran’s first litter is any indication these kittens will be amazing.

Please check back often for updates!


Dawn Campbell

Pendraig Siberian Cats - Texas

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcoming another Siberian Cat Litter!

Our lovely girl Eowyn had given birth to three beautiful Siberian Kittens.  We are proud of her and of Favst for this lovely litter with some of the most beautiful colors we have yet to see.

"Johann" - the black smoke and white Siberian kitten is what some describe as a "tuxedo". He is our first Siberian kitten of this unique color. He is a gorgeous boy who will have the smokey black of his grandsire, Grisha but with white cheeks, nose, belly and feet just like Favst. He is on hold for Kate on our waiting list!

"Jehanne" - the tortie female, possibly a smoke Siberian. She looks much like her great great aunt.  She is now available.

"Jakime" - is the big and beautiful brown classic tabby male. He is very large already and has a gorgeous swirl pattern that will make many a heart skip a beat.  We love this name for him as it is pronounced similar to "Yah-keem" we think!  And one of my favorite actors is Joaquin Phoenix.  He is very talented and perhaps this boy will be as well.

Photos coming soon!

Thank you for your great interest in our Siberian Cattery!  We hope you enjoy our stories and our photos.


Dawn Campbell
Pendraig Siberian Cats
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Friday, August 7, 2009

More YouTube Siberian Kitten Stars from Pendraig!

We've had some fun making these videos of our Siberian kittens and our son Gabriel.  There are more to come and maybe in the coming weeks we can do even more of them.

I know I'd like to get some video of Dica's stunning litter!  They are just so gorgeous and as Drako gets older he is turning more and more silver and reminding me a lot of Aslan his grandsire.

Thanks to all our video fans! =)  Let us know what you think about these videos and be sure to rate them for us on YouTube.

And be sure to watch this one for the surprise ending! =)

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Two of our Siberian Kittens in their new home! Now YouTube Stars!

We were so pleased to see this video made by the two young ladies who now own our lovely girls Godava and Miku (formerly Gertruda).

As you can see they are settling in well and are already spoiled!  Look at all those toys.

This video is so well made and clever, it was such a joy to see them again.  Gabriel really enjoyed it and started meowing and pointing at them right away.  He recognized the kittens he helped to raise.

We hope their new family loves them and has many many years of joy!  We can tell by this video that our girls have a wonderful home.  Thank you!!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Introducing our Golden Siberian Cat Program - Welcome Esenia Auric!

Golden Siberian Cats are truly unique.  We have long admired this color and have done extensive research to find less popular lines, with lower inbreeding, to bring to our cattery to begin our golden program.

We welcome our first Golden Siberian Cat Queen with open arms.  Her name is Esenia Auric and she is from some amazing breeders working with the golden color, Auric Cattery in Russia.  Esenia has one of the best expressions of golden, where it is not too orange nor is it dull.  Her color resembles my favorite gem, a citrine, with all the glorious shades of gold, yellow, brown and even a pale golden white.  Her coat also has a unique gleam that dazzles the eye in the sun light.

Not since red have we found a color we love more and for my husband this is definitely his favorite.  Of course Esenia was a present for him and he is quite taken with her.  We are fortunate to have this lovely girl, not only a beautiful golden Siberian kitten but affectionate and darling as well.  She has truly made us fall in love all over again with this amazing breed.

We are proud to announce the launch of our Golden Siberian Cat program here at Pendraig Siberian Cats.   To compliment Esenia we are getting more golden carriers to augment our lines and help us to produce some rare golden Siberian Cats, hopefully!  We hope to bring Golden, and lovely warm brown tabby cats into the homes of people all over the United States and perhaps even further.

Seeing a great deal of inbreeding among some of the more prestigious catteries we also hope to bridge the gap and bring genetic diversity back to golden lines.  We are in a unique position to do this thanks to our own exclusive foundation line.  We are also getting our golden carrier male, a gorgeous silver tabby named Duke from foundation lines that carry golden.  Combined we should have some of the most beautiful Golden Siberian Cats with the most diverse genetics available.  We can only hope to do our predecessors proud and one day produce the amazing type, superior health and beauty they have become known for in Russia and beyond.

We are also happy to make new friends within the golden loving community as we strive together to preserve this rare color and also to promote it and educated judges and breeders alike on how to recognize and how to breed for these precious gems.

Look for more in the future as we welcome our other golden line Siberian Cats to our Cattery here in Texas.  We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.


Dawn Campbell

Pendraig Siberian Cats – Breeder of Reds, Torbies, Silvers, Browns and now Golden Siberian Cats!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Siberian Kittens born to Lily and Grisha at Pendraig

Congratulations to Lily and Grisha who have produced a gorgeous litter of kittens for us!  Lily went into labor late yesterday afternoon and promptly delivered all three kittens before midnight.  She is an old pro now and didn't need any help.  However, she wasn't happy unless I stayed by her side.

We are so proud of our girl with her beautiful litter and once again we are proud to see Grisha's influence in producing some wonderful coats and type.  This litter unites lines from the Black cattery on both sides of the pedigree.

We have one spotted red male (looks to be a darker silver with classic pattern genes).  We also have a nice torbie that may turn silver by the time she is mature and a girl that appears to be a dark smoke tortie.  All are so beautiful!

We know the new kitten owners will be thrilled and all of these kittens are on hold pending reservations from those on the waiting list.  This just leaves us with Eowyn's litter which is due in about a month.

Thank you again to Lily for being such a great mom!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pendraig's Obsession with Red Siberian Cats!

Image of Red Siberian Cat Pendraig Red Sonja SunFireThe true love of red starts in my childhood, when I found a litter of kittens in the neighborhood.  All the boys were red and the girls were color points that looked much like Ragdolls.  I begged and pleaded to my parents and they let me pick two to bring home.  The colorpoint female was my mom's but the red boy, he was mine.  I named him Tiger.  I will always remember him and my love of red has never wavered.

When I found the Siberian Cats it was love at first sight.  I had always loved Russia with it's unique culture and history.  And here was a piece of Russia that I could have in my home.  When I began looking at different breeders I would come back again and again to one that had a red male.

At the time it seemed red was a very unpopular color in the breed.  Indeed more than a few breeders told me I was crazy to breed with that color as they found the color impossible to place.  I guess they just didn't have the love of reds that I do, and I believe there are many other lovers of red out there.  They contact me daily asking for a red kitten!

Out of my first litter I was blessed with 2 red females, a rare treat.  One was Sonja, who is a rare red solid with green eyes.  She is my pride and joy and like most red cats I've known she is extremely sweet, loves to cuddle and will play all day with my toddler.  Sonja is also the carrier of my rare foundation line that is exclusive to the breed.

Sonja had only one litter but her son, Aslan has been a wonderful producer of kittens for us including some beautiful reds.  And when it came time to retire Aslan from breeding we knew we could never part with him.

And now there is Favst.  Aslan's son out of his last litter with Lily.  Favst is a representation of all our hopes as he shows us great progress in type, coat and also he has the wonderful personality of his grandmother and sire.  Another glorious red to join the ranks of the Pendraig Red Siberian Cats.

Though we work with other colors, and will be focusing on an additional color that is as bright and glorious as red we will always have a special place in our hearts for red.  We hope you enjoy these photos of our Red Siberian Cats!  And do not forget to check out our website on Siberian Cat Colors for even more photos.

Long live the Red Siberian Cats!


Dawn Campbell
Breeder of Red Siberian Cats

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Announcing Siberian Kitten Litter H at Pendraig Siberian Cats!

Thank you to Dica for giving us this gorgeous litter of traditional Siberian kittens!  We have 3 beautiful kittens and for once it is more males than females.  These Siberian kittens were born on May 29, 2009 just in time for our friend's birthday!

The proud parents are Pendraig Boudicca Aslanovna SunFire (mom) and Cica Grigorii Yaroslavovich Black (daddy).  Dica (Boudicca) is a lovely foundation line Siberian cat with a striking spotted torbie pattern with white.  Grisha (Grigorii) is a stunning black smoke male from our friends at Cica cattery.  He has the charateristic Cica coat, which is plush and full with the proper Siberian cat feel, and excellent type.  The two combined have produced some wonderful kittens that will have the best of both words, good type and genetic diversity which promotes health and vigor.

All three of these kittens are on hold for the waiting list pending review of breeder or show prospects.  We expect each to be reserved within the next week.  Please feel free to contact us about getting on our Siberian Kitten waiting list for future litters that we have planned.

Now onto the introductions for our lovely Traditional Siberian Cat Litter H Kittens!

We have not decided on names yet but for now they will be H1 for the dark male, H2 for the red silver classic male and H3 for the lovely torbie girl.

Dica had an easy labor and it went by very quickly.  She is an excellent mom just like her own and keeps her kittens spotlessly clean and very fat.  She is also very proud of them.  We have some photos for you all to enjoy!

First H1 - We think he is going to be a lovely brown classic tabby (also known as a black blotched tabby).  He has a very promising type right now and a gorgeous head.  He has four white feet though the front it is mostly his toes.

He has a nice head shape, good muzzle width and his chin is strong already.  He is also well boned and hefty!

We are keeping an eye on his development and he may be going to a great show home if he continues to develop as we hope he will.

He has a bit of white on his chin, his neck and a tiny bit on his belly.  H1 is a very handsome little guy!
Image of red silver classic Siberian kitten from Pendraig Siberian Cats.
Next we have H2.  A beautiful, and striking red silver classic tabby male Siberian kitten.  He is an absolute beauty and with his red silver coloring is very striking.  Though his type does not appear to be as nice as H1 he is still a remarkably lovely little guy and will be gorgeous.  He will make his new family very lucky.

He also has some white feet, similar to his uncle Favst.  We are very proud to have yet another red male in the Pendraig cat family!

He is going to be much lighter in red color than Favst and probably be more like Aslan when he matures except of course he will be a classic tabby Siberian cat.
Image of a sweet and lovely patched tabby Siberian cat from Pendraig Siberian Cats
Last but not least we have our darling girl, H3.  She is a lovely classic torbie and like H1 she has already the beginnings of excellent type.  We do hope that she lives up to her promise and that we will see her gracing a friend's cattery soon.  She has good boning and already a sweet personality that just loves to be cuddled.

We know this little lady is going to be beautiful and will make her new family proud!  Right now you can just see a bit of a red blaze forming on her nose.  Very striking!

We hope you have enjoyed meeting the newest Pendraig Siberian Cat family.  We will continue to post photos of them as they grow and please look back soon for updated photos from our Litter G!

Best regards,

Dawn, Doug & Gabriel Campbell plus the Pendraig Siberian Cat Family!
Breeders of Traditional Siberian Cats in Texas

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Siberian Kitten Buyers tell Texas NO to HB 3180!

Thank you to Olga and her family for this wonderful letter!! We hope the Texas senators read it and take it seriously. 

Olga is absolutely right too!  A No Kill Nation is possible and it will save the homeless animals!! It doesn't require shutting down breeding, it requires revamping the shelter system which is run as an animal killing industry not an animal adoption industry.

I hope to see more letters from our wonderful kitten buyers.  We desperately need your help!! Thank you so much, Olga!!

Letter from Olga & her family:

Dear sir/madam,

We're writing to you as happy owners of Siberian cat that we've purchased last year from Pendraig Siberian Cats cattery in Texas.

We've selected this cattery after a careful research. The reason we approached a cattery and not a shelter is simply because our son has severe allergies from most of the animals including cats, and we were forced to narrow down on the only hypo-allergenic cat breed - Siberians. 

We're very happy with our choice since we've received the non allergenic animal and our son doesn't display any signs of allergies. We're also very appreciative of the fact that we've received from Pendraig cattery a well socialized, potty-trained, and extremely healthy kitten.  In addition, we continue to keep in contact with our breeders, they answer any of our questions regarding care for our cat and give us all of the assistance and advice we might need.  

We would like to let Texas Senators know that we believe that this bill is unacceptable! It discriminates unfairly against responsible breeders like Pendraig Siberian Cats.  We're very much oppose of the bill that regulates the right of any individual to own or breed an intact animal.

In addition we believe that if you want to help lower euthanasia rates, that a NO KILL State is possible!  You should probably consider to put in place the reforms to shelters and animal control policies as recommended by the No Kill Advocacy Center!

We would also like to point your attention to the fact that this measures might increase the abandonment of pets and cause shelters to be flooded with dogs and cats as people cannot afford to comply with the outrageous fees and fines!  ASPCA is officially OPPOSED to Mandatory Spay and Neuter!  ASPCA also says that mandatory spay neuter measures do not work. 

Our family strongly oppose legislation that infringes on the rights of Americans to own and raise animals.

We live in New Jersey and were planning to visit Texas. However we're outraged of the prospect of passing this bill, and won't be visiting Texas should you pass the bill!  


Olga Natanzon, Dr. Victor Natanzon, & two sons.

English Town, NJ