Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cat Vaccine Protocol

At Pendraig Siberians we follow the natural rearing model. That means we avoid vaccinations except those required by law because they are full of toxins and because they can damage the immune system.

For those people who choose to do the minimal vaccination schedule instead we recommend and require hat you follow the protocol developed by Dr. Jean Dodds which you can find here:

For more information about the dangers of vaccination, especially over-vaccination please read some of these wonderful articles.

Vaccination for Cats, Harmful or Helpful? by Dr. Don Hamilton published on Holisticat

"Vaccination is not as widely and unquestionably accepted today as it was in the past. Many pet guardians and veterinarians believe we have taken the concept much farther than its usefulness warrants. In twenty years of veterinary practice, I have made the transition from believing strongly in the protective power of vaccines to becoming continually more certain that they create at least as much illness as they have ever prevented. In truth, I now consider vaccination to be tantamount to animal abuse in most cases."
Read the entire article and help your cat achieve true wellness by being an informed cat owner.

Learn about the very real risk of Vaccine Area Sarcomas (deadly cancer) and how to best avoid it or mitigate the potential risk if you insist on vaccinating.

And lastly, learn what vaccinosis is, how to recognize it and what to do about it. Vaccinosis is the term used to define various adverse reactions to vaccines and they can take many forms that include physical and emotional ailments.

Information on Vaccinosis -

Remedies for Vaccinosis (and holistic vets that can consult): (my favorite)

We will be posting an article for you that is more in depth about rabies vaccinosis, how to recognize it and what to do. Though we are not veterinarians we have holistic vets and resources you can contact and of course as always this is for informational purposes only.

I hope this helps you take that extra step to ultimate wellness and health for your beloved Siberian Cat whether it's from Pendraig or not.

Blessings to you and yours,


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Debut Golden Siberian Cat Litter at Pendraig - Due soon!

We are so excited to announce that Esenia Auric is due in a matter of days with Pendraig Siberian Cat's Debut Golden Siberian Cat litter. This goal has been a dream for so long it is hard to believe it is actually upon us but of course there is still the waiting, the worry that we feel for every mother that is bringing new life into this world and the uncertainty of what types of kittens we will have.

What we have come to expect from the sire of the litter, however, is strong, vibrant, robust kittens with loving personalities and beautiful type. Esenia Auric has these very qualities as well and it is a promising match. For those of you following our progress these years you will appreciate the investment of time, money, love and energy we have put into making the dream of a Golden Siberian Cat program at Pendraig a reality.

This color is truly unique and unlike anything I have ever seen in cats. Though I appreciate the many beautiful shades these cats come in, including the primal and original beauty of the brown (black) tabby cat the Golden and the red have special places in my heart.

Now we are nearly there and I feel like a child at Christmas!

Please keep our girl Esenia Auric in your thoughts and prayers, as well as her kicking and squirming kittens that await their entry into this world. For those few lucky families that will be getting one of these kittens for their very own we hope you will enjoy them as much as we will.

If you'd like to learn more about the Golden Siberian Cat please check out our page dedicated to the color. We hope to work with others to determine the genetics behind these cats and also to breed top quality cats, with robust health and excellent temperaments.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pendraig’s First Siberian Kitten Litter --– 5 years young

Image of red Siberian kittens and tortie siberian kitten. It’s unbelievable but five years ago today we welcomed into the world the first Pendraig litter.  Born out of our foundation cat female that came straight from Russia we had a gorgeous litter of reds and torbies.  One of the two red females is Pendraig Red Sonja SunFire who became the foundation cat for our red line of Siberian cats.

Though we bought our first Siberian cat in 2003 and started making plans for our cattery in the summer of 2003 the true date I consider having “started” my cattery is the day this litter was born.  So Sonja’s birthday is also the anniversary of our cattery’s first litter and a very important day for us indeed.

Only one boy was born in the litter, an odd event for most breeders who seem overwhelmed with males we have always had predominantly females from the very start.  Pendraig Ivan SunFire is a beast of a cat, weighing easily over 18 lbs and filling up your arms when you pick him up for a cuddle.  He lives a life of love and luxury with my brother.Image  of red tabby Siberian cat Ivan.

He was always sweet and affectionate but a bit shy like his mother.  He would never make a show cat despite his handsome good looks, amazing coat and huge size but he is a most loved and adored cat by our family.

Sonja had the best type to my novice eye and she was already promising to have an outrageously good coat and the most beautiful green eyes but she was not the biggest boned of the kittens.  I had decided to pass on a kitten though I loved them all and breed Sonja’s mother again to keep a kitten for myself.  Sonja had other plans though.  image of rare orange tabby female Siberian kitten.

She latched onto me and would not be swayed from her choice in family.  She would follow me around like a puppy, chirp and call to me and always wanted my attention.  It was a good thing I decided to keep her because she is the most wonderful companion and an important part of our lives.  She has been a favorite pet of my son since he was just a few months old and she took great interest helping “babysit” him even as an infant.  When I was pregnant she would try and sleep for hours if I let her purring on top of my belly (and the baby inside).  She loved that I was pregnant and I know in her eyes my son is as much hers as he is mine.Sonja_20100224_001s

Happy Birthday Sonja and Ivan, and your litter mates.  You have brought much joy to our lives and in the case of Sonja you have brought further generation of wonderful Siberian cats into the hearts and homes of pet owners all over the country.

When people ask, “Is it true that the Siberian Cat breed is dog-like?” I have to laugh.  The reason is that the description is entirely accurate of most of the breed but especially of Sonja.  She follows me, and my son, around just as a dog would from room to room wanting to be a part of our every activity.  She greets us at the door when we come home finding a perch as high as possible so she will be at eye level.  She will chirrup a hello as soon as we make eye contact and start purring.  One is expected to put down whatever one is carrying in order to pet her and say a proper hello.  Sonja plays fetch and sometimes even brings the toy back.  She is very protective of people and our property and has been known to growl at strangers, or my husband when she doesn’t recognize him, climbing on a ladder outside the window.  Her growl is quite serious and you know she is not to be trifled with!  In one incident she was slapping the window hard and growling as loud as she could to deter this intruder from assaulting her home.  She didn’t realize the intruder was my husband.

Sonja can be territorial as any dog not wanting to share my lap with the new golden tabby we imported from Russia but eventually that has yielded to a grudging respect and I hope they will find friendship one day.

I can say that I fell in love with this breed reading about them and seeing photos, I loved them more when I greeted Sonja’s father at the airport and her mother as well.  But my true devotion started when I was staring into those green eyes of a little red tabby female I called “Pendraig Red Sonja SunFire”.  Happy Birthday my quirky, fiery, devoted and beautiful little friend.  I love you.

Photo of Sonja by Helmi Flick taken on Valentine’s Day of her 5th year.

Image of red solid Siberian cat with green eyes.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

L Litter – Siberian kittens 3 weeks old

Siberian Kitten Photo Update

These little guys are advancing with leaps and bounds.  They do not want to be outdone by Dica’s kittens and don’t seem to care that they are almost 2 weeks older.  Already they are running amok in the nursery, playing and pouncing, investigating food bowls and learning to use a litter box.  They aren’t quite ready to eat solid food yet but it' will be any day now.

We are pleased to announce that all the kittens are reserved except one that is being held for a potential breeder and show cat.  We enjoy taking photos and videos yesterday as well and hope that you all enjoy watching them grow and thrive as much as we do.

Siberian Kittens Pendraig’s L Litter 2009 Photos

image of breeder quality siberian kitten.

These sweet and darling girl is still awaiting her new name.  She is currently on hold as a potential breeder and show prospect.

She is a lovely silver with her sire’s great muzzle and we hope his green eyes as well but only time will tell.

She is calm and sweet, loves to cuddle and we think will take well to the busy show halls.  We are setting her up with a new breeder protégé and we hope she gets to enjoy all her potential.

Photo of brown torbie siberian kitten.

This little girl is going to a special family and as a surprise for one lucky little lady… best not to give too much away though!

She is sweet and affectionate and has an affinity for our small son.  She is also very gentle and patient with him so we know she will make a wonderful companion for a loving child.


This little girl has been named “Lada” after the Slavic goddess of beauty.  What a fitting name with her flame of red on her head and those gorgeous eyes.

She is going to a wonderful family that we have been pleased to get to know recently.  She is also great with our toddler and will make a wonderful companion for a family.

Image of warm brown torbie Siberian kitten.

This little girl has been named Leia and it’s a fitting name for this little princess.  She has a warm almost honey brown coat coming in that looks so much like her sire, Karat.

She is sweet and intelligent, one of the first in her litter to explore the nursery, use the litter box and today she was investigating the food the older kittens were eating.

Image of silver mackerel tabby Siberian cat male.

This is the single male in Lily’s litter.  He may be out numbered but he hold’s his own and he’s absolutely beautiful.

His name is Lazar Leonid, picked out by his future owner.  He looks like a silver version of his sire, Karat.  He’s sweet and affectionate with me and always says hello as soon as he sees me.  He’s definitely a ladies man.

We hope you have enjoyed the photos of our Siberian kittens at 3 weeks.  All are reserved or being held for their owners.  We are planning our Siberian kitten litters for Spring and Summer 2010 but we are close to closing those waiting lists.  If you are interested please fill out an application for a Siberian Kitten today.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It’s nearly official… all kittens reserved

It’s been a busy month for us taking care of all these amazing kittens, updating new potential owners and responding to tons and tons of applications.  Our waiting list is growing and we are so happy to welcome so many wonderful and devoted pet lovers to our future cat family.

As for the litters we have now they are all on hold, all but one is official!  We are just waiting on one last deposit to be received.

Thank you to everyone who has picked out a kitten.  Many of you had a good long wait and we appreciate your patience.  Good things come to those who wait, right?

Those of you who missed out on this litter if you are on our waiting list we have some exciting plans for spring and summer.  If you aren’t on our Siberian kitten waiting list, what are you waiting for?

Winter 2010 we may breed Dica again but it will be a lighter holiday season for us.  We do have some exciting plans to expand our cattery and new breeders we are working with.  There are many good things to come.

We are so flattered and honored to have the interest of so many wonderful people.  Thank you to each and every one of you.  Without you this cattery could not exist.  We breed in hopes of producing top quality cats and insuring a bright future for this wonderful breed but if we didn’t have dedicated and loving pet owners we could never succeed.  I know the Siberian Cat Breed thanks you as well.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

4 Week Old Siberian Kittens

The little darlings are now 4 weeks old and they cannot be any cuter.  They now follow us around the nursery, calling and exploring the world.  Today they also started drinking water from the bowl and checking out the food bowl.  It won’t be long before they are tearing into their mom’s food.  They are also starting their litter box training and have wonderful and neat habits from the start.

This is also when we announce their official names.  Thanks to their new parents we had an easy time naming our “K” litter of Siberian Kittens.

First we will introduce the two kittens that are staying here as the future of Pendraig Siberian Cats.

Future Siberian Stud for Pendraig

Image of Red Silver Classic Siberian Kitten at Pendraig.


Our newest stud in training has great potential.  He has the classic pattern we love, a lovely silver shade, adorable white paws, cheeks and tummy and the tiniest white tip on his tail.

It’s early to tell but he seems to have a beautiful muzzle and head shape and of course the wonderful Cica coat from his sire Cica’s Zoran Yaroslavovich Black.  He’s daring and he loves to explore.

His name is Pendraig Korsak Zoranovich SunFire.  We will call him Korsak.  He is named after the striking and beautiful Corsac Fox found in parts of Russia and Asia.  The fox has a unique coloring that is silver and red.



Future Siberian Queen Hopeful for Pendraig

Image of silver calico Siberian Kitten.

Captivating, this little girl can’t help but steal your heart.  She is like a movie star and we hope she continues to have that dazzle at the cat shows.

She’s also sweet, cuddly and adorable.  She loves to greet us as soon as we come into the nursery and she enjoys following our son around.

Today she was the most cooperative for the photo shoot and didn’t seem to mind the flash of the camera.

We have named her Pendraig Kyllikki Zoranovna SunFire.  Kyllikki is from Finnish folklore and also one of my favorite books.  She definitely deserves to be named after a Finnish goddess… look at that face.

Photo of silver calico Siberian kitten.

Another Handsome Fellow

Kafka_20090106_003 The near twin of our beautifully handsome Korsak this boy has the same gorgeous classic pattern and red silver color though his is a bit lighter and will be more silver as he matures. 

He has an adorable white tip on his tail, white feet and white throat and chest.  He is endearing and fun loving, always exploring and the first to taste water out of the bowl.  He is going home with the blue calico girl and they will make a handsome pair.

His name is Pendraig Kafka Zoranovich SunFire.  His new “parents'” have named him Kafka. His call name is going to be “Beckett” which I think is very fitting to his personality.


Image of red silver siberian kitten.

The Bold and Beautiful Girl

Photo of calico Siberian Kitten. We very nearly had to keep this girl.  She has amazing heft and is the biggest kitten in the entire litter.  She is like a lead weight.  She also has the most striking coloring and pattern and her coat is dense and beautiful.  It wasn’t an easy decision passing on her for our cattery but I know her future owner is happy that we did.

This girl is a tad more reserved than her sister Kyllikki but she is still outgoing, smart and sweet.  She enjoys a good cuddle and will follow me around the nursery.  She is very smart and is finding ways to get into trouble much faster than her siblings.

Her name is Pendraig Kira Zoranovna SunFire.  Her name Kira was picked out by her future owner and we think it fits her perfectly.  It is a perfect name for this bold and beautiful Siberian kitten.

Image of black torbie siberian kitten.

The Beautiful Red Boy

Image of red spotted Siberian Kitten.

This boy has a beautiful and intense red coloring.  He reminds me very much of his great grandmother Sonja.

He is gorgeous and sweet and has a great new family lined up with two devoted new parents.  He is sweet and gentle, always ready to cuddle and very laid back.  He is also smart and inquisitive.

His name is Pendraig Krasnoi Zoranovich SunFire.  Krasnoi means “Red, beautiful” and he is definitely both.  We are so proud of this little guy.  He has his mother’s distinct spotting too which makes him unique.


Darling “Little Blue” – Not so Little

Image of blue smoke calico Siberian kitten. Now we come to our little miracle child.  The tiny kitten born premature and the smallest kitten we’ve ever had born alive.  I fretted night and day, did some supplemental feedings and read some very depressing statistics in books and articles on kittens.  Despite the dismal odds they gave her to make it two weeks here she is at 4 weeks and getting big.  She is sweet and playful but always gentle and kind.

She is our little princess of the litter and her brothers seem protective of her like big brothers should be.  She also had a surprise in store for us as her coat is turning smoke so she will be a smoke blue tortie and white Siberian kitten.

Her name is Pendraig Kasmir Zoranovna SunFire and was named by her future owners.  She will be going to live with her brother Kafka and has a devoted and excited family awaiting her.  From their emails I can already tell she and her brother will be spoiled rotten.

Photo of blue smoke tortie and white Siberian kitten.

We hope you have enjoyed this photo update of our little darlings.  We will start spacing out photo sessions now so I can get a break and so they don’t get too frustrated with flashing cameras.

All of these kittens are now reserved and held for their future homes.  Thank you to all their new families!  We have found some wonderful people to share our Pendraig Cat Family with and we hope to have a long and happy friendship with you all.

If you’d like to get on our waiting list for this spring and summer please fill out an application.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Siberian Kittens – L Litter – 2 weeks old

Photo of Siberian kittens at two weeks

Where does the time go?  I can hardly know!  Seems like somehow between all the feedings, cleaning up, changing litter boxes and cuddle time the kittens are growing faster than I can keep track.

Lily’s litter of Siberian kittens is now 2 weeks old and more adorable every day.  The warmth is coming into their tabby patterns and on the girls there is more and more red coming out.

Lily is a devoted, dedicated and loving mother.  She enjoys sharing her duties with her daughter and helps to care for her grandchildren.

Enjoy the photos of our two week old kittens.

Group Photos Siberian Kittens

Image of Siberian kittens at two weeks old. 

Image of Siberian kittens. 

The “red faced” torbie Siberian kitten (Female)



Our darling girl with the red flame on her head is growing into such a big girl.  She is sweet and loving already.

She is available to those on our waiting list.


The “red footed” torbie Siberian kitten (Female)



This little girl is slightly darker than her sister the warm brown torbie but she is beautiful.  She has partially red feet and is adorable and sweet.

She is playful and enjoys a good romp with her siblings.

She is on hold for our waiting list.


The “warm brown” torbie Siberian Kitten (Female)

Image of warm brown tabby Siberian Kitten. Sweet and darling girl with a beautiful honey brown coloring coming in.  She is a torbie but it’s really hard to tell right now.

She is already starting to play with her siblings and loves to cuddle. 

She is on hold for our waiting list.


The Silver Torbie Siberian Kitten (Female)

Image of Silver Siberian Kitten at Pendraig.

This is a lovely silver Siberian Kitten female with some red patches.

She is a bit of a princess already and knows she’s royalty.

She is available to our waiting list.


The Silver Tabby Siberian Kitten (Male)

Image of Silver Siberian Kitten. The only boy in the group but he’s not lonely.  He’s a big and robust boy with a sweet disposition and what promises to be stunning good looks.  His markings are distinct and vibrant. 

He is available to our waiting list.


Want a Pendraig Siberian Kitten?

Well you aren’t alone!  Right now the waiting list is full but we are accepting a few more limited positions for our planned spring and summer litters.  If you’d like to inquire please fill out an application.  In our spring litters we are expecting more warm brown torbies like the girl above and hopefully a few rare golden Siberian kittens.  We also will have some torbies girls and red boys possible in the summer litter.

Have a great day!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Traditional Siberian Kittens

Image of Traditional Siberian Kittens at Pendraig.

Eowyn and Karat have blessed us with a litter of large and lovely tabby kittens on December 29, 2009.  Just days before New Year’s we were glad to make their acquaintance and welcome them into the world.

Now onto the introductions.  We have two boys and two girls.  This is the “M” litter and we will be deciding on names for them shortly.

Male Tabby Siberian Kittens

We have two wonderful boys.  One is darkly handsome and the other warm brown like his handsome daddy.  Both boys are large and robust.

Image of warm brown tabby Siberian kitten.The “warm” brown tabby already looks much like his daddy, Jorrah Karat.  He has a beautiful almost gold under coat with inky black stripes.His coat already shows promise to be thick like the Cica cats from his mother’s side.

We haven’t had any warm brown tabby Siberian cats born here until this year so it will be a great experience to see his color develop.

 Photo of traditional black tabby siberian kitten.The other boy is a darker tabby with the same inky black markings on a darker background.  He is large and robust also and his coat is slightly more dense than his brother.  It will be fun watching him grow and watching his coat colors change as well.

I expect he will be “Tall, dark and handsome” when he grows up.


Female Tabby Siberian Kittens

We have two big girls with beautiful patterns.  One has much wider stripes and almost looks classic.  The other has more stripes in a pretty and even pattern that is mesmerizing.


The sweet darker striped girl has inky black markings on a medium warm back ground.  These markings will be very striking when she is fully mature.  She is showing signs of the Cica coat also.

I do wonder if it is a classic pattern and one more experienced breeder thinks it might be so.  It would be interesting for sure and if she is then we know that Karat carries for classic.

Image of tiger striped Siberian kitten. The other sweet girl has more of a ribbed type stripe, ideal for a mackerel pattern and showing some lovely color.  Her coloring reminds me of my cat Whiskers that I had as a child.  Whiskers was very beautiful.

This darling is also the bigger of the two girls and has great promise.


Buying a Siberian Kitten

Buying a Siberian kitten is a big decision for you and your family.  Here at Pendraig we do all we can to make that process easy and fun but we also want to be sure each and every kitten is going to a good home where they will be safe and loved.  We also want to make sure each kitten will be fed a healthy diet and given the best of care for their entire lives.

If you feel you can provide such a home then please fill out an application and we will begin the process to get you started with a Pendraig Siberian Cat of your very own.