Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Announcing Siberian Kitten Litter H at Pendraig Siberian Cats!

Thank you to Dica for giving us this gorgeous litter of traditional Siberian kittens!  We have 3 beautiful kittens and for once it is more males than females.  These Siberian kittens were born on May 29, 2009 just in time for our friend's birthday!

The proud parents are Pendraig Boudicca Aslanovna SunFire (mom) and Cica Grigorii Yaroslavovich Black (daddy).  Dica (Boudicca) is a lovely foundation line Siberian cat with a striking spotted torbie pattern with white.  Grisha (Grigorii) is a stunning black smoke male from our friends at Cica cattery.  He has the charateristic Cica coat, which is plush and full with the proper Siberian cat feel, and excellent type.  The two combined have produced some wonderful kittens that will have the best of both words, good type and genetic diversity which promotes health and vigor.

All three of these kittens are on hold for the waiting list pending review of breeder or show prospects.  We expect each to be reserved within the next week.  Please feel free to contact us about getting on our Siberian Kitten waiting list for future litters that we have planned.

Now onto the introductions for our lovely Traditional Siberian Cat Litter H Kittens!

We have not decided on names yet but for now they will be H1 for the dark male, H2 for the red silver classic male and H3 for the lovely torbie girl.

Dica had an easy labor and it went by very quickly.  She is an excellent mom just like her own and keeps her kittens spotlessly clean and very fat.  She is also very proud of them.  We have some photos for you all to enjoy!

First H1 - We think he is going to be a lovely brown classic tabby (also known as a black blotched tabby).  He has a very promising type right now and a gorgeous head.  He has four white feet though the front it is mostly his toes.

He has a nice head shape, good muzzle width and his chin is strong already.  He is also well boned and hefty!

We are keeping an eye on his development and he may be going to a great show home if he continues to develop as we hope he will.

He has a bit of white on his chin, his neck and a tiny bit on his belly.  H1 is a very handsome little guy!
Image of red silver classic Siberian kitten from Pendraig Siberian Cats.
Next we have H2.  A beautiful, and striking red silver classic tabby male Siberian kitten.  He is an absolute beauty and with his red silver coloring is very striking.  Though his type does not appear to be as nice as H1 he is still a remarkably lovely little guy and will be gorgeous.  He will make his new family very lucky.

He also has some white feet, similar to his uncle Favst.  We are very proud to have yet another red male in the Pendraig cat family!

He is going to be much lighter in red color than Favst and probably be more like Aslan when he matures except of course he will be a classic tabby Siberian cat.
Image of a sweet and lovely patched tabby Siberian cat from Pendraig Siberian Cats
Last but not least we have our darling girl, H3.  She is a lovely classic torbie and like H1 she has already the beginnings of excellent type.  We do hope that she lives up to her promise and that we will see her gracing a friend's cattery soon.  She has good boning and already a sweet personality that just loves to be cuddled.

We know this little lady is going to be beautiful and will make her new family proud!  Right now you can just see a bit of a red blaze forming on her nose.  Very striking!

We hope you have enjoyed meeting the newest Pendraig Siberian Cat family.  We will continue to post photos of them as they grow and please look back soon for updated photos from our Litter G!

Best regards,

Dawn, Doug & Gabriel Campbell plus the Pendraig Siberian Cat Family!
Breeders of Traditional Siberian Cats in Texas

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