Friday, December 18, 2009

Siberian Kittens – 1 week old

Photo of 1  week old litter of Siberian Kittens.

Litter K


Well, we’ve made it a whole week and eyes are starting to open.  The little darlings are seeing us for the first time and their world though I know their vision is still very blurry.  They are so gorgeous and this has to be one of my best litters ever, I know in large part it is due to the stunning sire of the litter Zoran and to his owners for their exceptional care of Dica before and during her pregnancy.Image of Siberian Kittens.

The two kittens that were having trouble are doing much better and gaining well.  There is still a long way to go but I am very hopeful that they will continue to thrive. “Little Blue”  especially has a fire to her and a strong spirit.  She is absolutely adorable and even though she seems tiny compared to her litter mates she is larger than life.

Today we convinced Dica to allow us to steal her kittens for a few minutes to take some photos.  She was tolerant and as I put them back I could see her carefully counting them and inspecting them.  She is a devoted and fantastic mother Siberian Cat.

The Siberian Kitten Girls

Images of Siberian Kittens at one week old in Texas.

All three of these lovely girls are beautiful and each is unique.  On the left we have the blue tortie and white (blue calico) Siberian kitten that we are calling “Little Blue”.  In the middle, hiding her face is the sweet torbie that may be a brown torbie and white.  On the right is a lovely silver torbie and white girl that we are holding for a potential future Pendraig Siberian Cat Queen.Photo of blue smoke calico Siberian kitten.

First we have the “Little Blue”.  She was born as the size of a preemie Siberian Kitten and had to be supplemented for the first few days of her life.  Now she is nursing well from her mother and quickly gaining grown on her siblings.  She has a fiery spirit and already loves to cuddle maybe because she received extra cuddles while nursing from a bottle in my hands.  She has the most darling red flame on her forehead and a gorgeous blue coat.  She may be a blue smoke tortie and white but it’s too soon to tell.

Image of a silver torbie siberian kitten in Texas.  Next there is the darkest torbie.  She is probably a silver but we won’t know for awhile.  She has the most dazzling and bright colors, a lovely head and gorgeous coat.  She competes with the boys often for biggest in the litter though today her sister took her over and two of the boys outpaced them both.  This girl is calm and collected and loves to snuggle.

Image of Silver Siberian Kitten calico. The bright silver Siberian kitten in the litter is this lovely girl.  She is on hold and may be remaining here as part of the future Pendraig Siberian Cat Queens.  She has the bright silver color we’ve been looking for along with some wonderful potential in her muzzle, coat, head and type.  We are watching her closely.  Her color pops already and she has a calm demeanor.

The Siberian Kitten Boys

Image of three red Siberian kittens.We have lots of red!  And how not when I love it as I do?  These boys are my pride and joy and it is amazing to have so many all in one litter.  They are sweet and cuddly and I adore them.

Our three boys are each unique in their own ways.  The spotted boy has been lagging a bit behind on weight but with some supplementing he is doing much better and he is a real darling.  He has lovely spots on both sides just like his mother in bright red.  He seems to be a red silver but Image of Red Spotted Siberian kitten.without white unlike the other two.  He is a special boy and will make someone a wonderful companion.

His brothers are nearly identical in color though their patterns are slightly different.  One male however is lighter and may be a higher grade silver when he matures.  Mostly I tell them apart because this male has more white on his back legs and in the right light I can see his coat is a paler red.

Image of an orange marble striped kitten. He is a large boy, often the heaviest in the litter but sometimes he trades off with his near twin, the other red classic, and the dark torbie girl.  He is lovely and and sweet.  I expect he will be a large boy, perhaps like his great great uncle Ivan.

He has a handsome pattern that will become even more alluring as he matures and the pattern can separate more and resolve and his silver coat can grow in more fully.

Last but not least is the darker red classic male.  He is a sweet and affectionate little Image of red classic Siberian kitten. boy and the first to open his eyes to the world.  His classic pattern is very beautiful and eye catching.  It seems to pop out.  He is already showing the wonderful Cica coat and we have high hopes for this guy.  He is on hold pending evaluation.

We are very proud of this litter and we love each and every kitten.  It is wonderful to have such a colorful and happy group of kittens and we cannot wait to see how they grow and to meet their new families who will, we hope, adore them as much as we do.  Kittens like these are part of the great joy of being a Siberian Cat Breeder.

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