Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy 4 months Birthday Litter B!

Pendraig Siberians Presents Pendraig Bibigul Aslanovna SunFire a gorgeous red silver classic Siberian kitten at 4 months old
It is amazing how fast time flies by!! It seems like only yesterday I sat for 8 hours on the closet floor with Lily helping her give birth to this gorgeous litter of kittens. It was her first litter and labor was prolonged. We very nearly took off to the vet but finally she gave birth to the first, oversized kitten.
Now they are celebrating their 4 month birthday on May 15, 2008!
The new owners have been very busy with their new babies but two have managed to make enough time in their busy schedules to send us some updated photos! Something I myself need to get done with our gorgeous Queen in training Boudicca (Dica for short).
Pendraig Siberians Presents Pendraig Bibigul Aslanovna SunFire a gorgeous red silver classic Siberian kitten

Here is what Bibigul’s owner has to say about her lovely red silver classic and white girl:
She is extremely affectionate, very sweet and feminine! She's also very independent and knows what's best for her! She's strong and playful cat. She can run and jump after the feather or a toy for hours until she looks like a doggy with her mouth open and her tongue hanging outside! :) She loves company and usually follows us from room to room. Did I say she's sweet and affectionate? If she doesn't like something, of just doesn’t feel like being bothered, she would simply walk away but would never scratch, bite, or even hiss at us! I never saw her angry! And she's so well behaved!
Bibi is everybody's favorite! You were so right - she's got stellar personality!

I can't thank you enough for her :) – Olga, NJ

The other girl, registered name Brusnika but her loving family calls her Lizzie is also right at home and doing well. She is totally in love with her new family as these pictures show. And her strange coloring changes every day but becomes more striking and beautiful! It is hard to believe someone called her “ugly”. She is anything BUT!

I checked out your blog the other day. I had to laugh at what Bibi's mama had to say about her climbing her jeans. Lizzie has a penchant for doing the same...but I have been wearing shorts.

She has continued to be very loving. She follows me around the house and we have a routine of cuddling together while I read in the evenings.
Right now she is on my lap chewing up some paper that is hanging off my desk. The computer room seems to bring out the most mischievous in her.
Her favorite spot is in my dining room window. She watches the cars and birds while resting in her favorite bed...a child's shoe box with a wash cloth in it. We have several nice chairs, and of course her cat tree for her to relax on, but how can those beat a cardboard box?

Last night (no picture, unfortunately) she stretched out on my lap in the computer room. She was on her back, fully extended. Forelegs above her head (like superman) and hind legs splayed out. Not a lady-like way to nap at all. I will have to get a picture of her when she does that next. – CK, Texas

We are overjoyed by the love and adoration our babies are receiving in their new homes. We are also proud to have produced such HEALTHY and LOVING Siberian kittens. Thank you to all of our new families for the care and devotion you are giving to your new kittens and remember, we are always here for you!!

To our 4 month old kittens out of Lily and Aslan's 2008 litter we say, Congratulations on your new loving families, may you grow big, strong and absolutely stunning. We are so proud of you all and we miss you terribly but it is wonderful to know you are absolutely adored by your families.


Dawn, Doug and Gabriel Campbell and the Cats of Pendraig Siberians

Friday, May 2, 2008

Raising Kittens

It is a joy, to be sure but not always fun and games. Just like children, kittens run amok, getting into all sorts of trouble and can make terrible messes. Sometimes they are still learning to use their litter-box or are playing in another room and can’t make it back in time. Other times they are climbing into things that can be quite dangerous such as the refrigerator or dishwasher. One must be on constant guard to make sure they are safe, secure and have everything they need.
With the troubles also comes the joy of watching them tussle and play, investigate and explore the world around them and sleep in purring and furry piles.
Then the sad day comes when they leave our home and go to their awaiting families. We miss them terribly and there is an empty feeling to the house as they leave. The only way to cope is to schedule their departure in stages so that I am not bereft all at once. However the joy in the eyes and voices of their new owners is beyond measure and heals all heartache.
We miss our babies but we are overjoyed to have found them loving families that are now also a part of our own family. Here is what some of them have to say:
“Our baby Bibi is a pampered princess! :) The boys are soo over protective like she's indeed their baby sister! :) Looks like she's beginning to get her appetite. Today she ate a healthy portion of ground beef mixed with small cut pork, and she examined all our shopping - so cute!

After eating she wanted to cuddle but I couldn't cuddle with her too much because I had a lot to do in the kitchen. Do you know what Bibigul did? She was following me around the kitchen for a while and mewing, but I couldn't pick her up. Finally she jumped on my leg (good thing I was wearing jeans) and climbed on me, like I was a tree, until she's got all the way up to my arms to cuddle!! This girl IS a cuddle bug and really DEMAND attention! :) “ – ONB, New Jersey
“Once we got to the vet, everyone loved her. All said she is adorable, the vet included, "strikingly beautiful." to the list of nice words. She spent some shoulder time on the techs and me. Her health checked out very well. I still have to bring in a fecal sample (they didn't want to do the intrusive test on her...neither did I!). I think I will give them your vet's info and see if we can use that test. They were impressed with her clean ears and lack of fleas. Dr. Wooley said that she must have come from a very good breeder. :)” – Carrie, Texas