Thursday, March 26, 2009

Siberian kittens in a riot of color!

Silver Siberian Kittens at Pendraig Siberian cats in TexasAs promised here are some photos *and* a video!  We have another video to upload though it's no more exciting.  As the kittens get older and move around more we should have some great fun then.

We are thrilled with the overall size and health of the litter.  We are also seeing some nice coats and of course the striking colors are just wonderful.  We hope this little girls will have the great type of their sire but the bigger size of their dam.  We'd love to see one or two of these girls shown in CFA or TICA but likely it will only the kitten we keep.  Show homes are difficult to find in these difficult economic times.

First here is the YouTube video.  Sonja, the grandmother of the litter is also there.  She had to be part of the scene.  Also the strange background noise is our son, Gabriel, making strange noises that kind of sounding like the kittens mewing but on the video sound smore like a Yorkie.

And now for some photos! Here is one of the more striking color combinations. She looks like a tortie and white, almost a van pattern but I suspect she's really a smoke and the red isn't showing well yet. You can also call her a calico.

Photo of unusual smoke calico Siberian kitten from Pendraig Siberians

We are not sure yet of any show or breeding quality though I do have my eye on one that I think will be the keeper for us from this litter. Zoya is being retired to a wonderful pet home so this is her only litter. This is also Aslan's last litter before he was retired so these kittens are very special.

We will update with more photos and of course we also have a photo album created on Facebook in the Siberian Cats Page.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we do and we look forward to meeting the new families that will join the Pendraig Siberian Cat family!

We do have some reservations on this litter. However, some of these kittens may be available please contact us for more information.

Be sure to catch us on Twitter ( ) and on Facebook. We'd love to meet you.


Dawn, Doug & Gabriel Campbell
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Silver torbie Siberian kitten breeder potential we believe.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We have Silver Siberian Kittens!!

Zoya has given birth to 5 gorgeous silver torbie and white daughters.  We believe she isn't done yet so we will update you all and hopefully add some photos of these stunning babies tomorrow.

Thank you all for the well-wishes, prayers and kind words.  I know Zoya appreciated them.  She has had an uneventful labor so far though her first litter was a bit nerve wracking for us all. =)

This is our beloved Aslan's last litter.  He was altered and is already enjoying the easy life of playing with Gabriel all day, sleeping and eating!  No more worrying about the ladies.

As we expected this litter is full of silver!  And some kittens even seem to be very silver, maybe even a single shaded silver but it's too early to tell.  We are looking forward to watching this litter grow and we hope you will enjoy watching with us!

This is our first litter we plan to video and upload to YouTube and we will be sure to let you know when so you can check it out.

If you'd like information about getting on the waiting list (only 2 spots open!) please visit our website - Available Siberian Kittens or send us an email.
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Dawn Campbell
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cats LOVE Raw Milk!

Some kitten buyers come to me and ask, "Aren't cats lactose intolerant?".

And to this I reply, "Absolutely not! But they do have an intolerance to unnatural milk.".

Well, what is unnatural milk? That's easy, pasteurized milk. Milk heated to such a level that the proteins are denatured, the good and beneficial probiotics and enzymes in the milk are destroyed and a void is left for bad bacteria to proliferate at an alarming rate! But don't take my word for it, the Weston A Price Foundation, and have been spreading the word about the dangerous of pasteurized milk for many years.

Now, I must stress caution. As with any food there are important safe handling procedures that must be strictly followed by your local farmer. And of course when you get the milk home care must be taken to properly store and care for it. But this is true of ALL foods!

And it gets even better with the correct methods you can make a healthy and delicious fermented milk product that is even BETTER for your cats and for you as it is easily digestible and chock full of probiotics and enzymes. But that's a story for another day.

If you are interested in learnig more about raw milk please visit these websites.
Weston A Price Foundation
Image of Dairy crow enjoying the green grass.  Grass-fed cows produce the best raw milk for your cat
Did you know that clean, raw milk from grass-fed cows was once used medicinally? It's true! It acts like a "stem cell" food with all the nutrients needed to fully support life. It was used to treat, and even cure, many diseases up until World War II when mass pasteurization became the norm in order to increase shelf life for soldiers and food shortages.

Then the big dairy industry, and other interests, created a campaign to malign raw milk products and local farmers in order to increase profits.

And remember, opt for grass-fed cows or pastured goats (or sheep) for your milk source and preferably from a farmer practice organic standards (even if they do not have the funds to get certified with the USDA organic program).

We hope this article will have you thinking about Real Milk for your family, and your cats (dogs too of course!). For those with blood sugar problems and lactose intolerance issues (developed from years of pasteurized dairy products poisoning our systems) it is important to consume in moderation. And it may even be better to start out with a raw milk fermented product such as Kefir or home-made Yogurt.

We love raw milk. It feeds our family, nourishes our pets including our cats and our Anatolian Shepherd Dog. And it has saved the life of one of our most beloved cats, Sonja.

We have used Real Milk to rehabilitate Sonja after we nearly lost her to a birthing problem. The ER vets gave up on her, the local vet told me to take her home where she was comfortable and prepare for her loss as she would not eat. But she would drink raw milk from pastured goats and gained back her strength and her appetite within a day!

May you and your cats be healthy, always!

Dawn Campbell
Pendraig Siberian Cats
Breeding Naturally Healthy Siberian Kittens since 2005