Sunday, July 26, 2009

Introducing our Golden Siberian Cat Program - Welcome Esenia Auric!

Golden Siberian Cats are truly unique.  We have long admired this color and have done extensive research to find less popular lines, with lower inbreeding, to bring to our cattery to begin our golden program.

We welcome our first Golden Siberian Cat Queen with open arms.  Her name is Esenia Auric and she is from some amazing breeders working with the golden color, Auric Cattery in Russia.  Esenia has one of the best expressions of golden, where it is not too orange nor is it dull.  Her color resembles my favorite gem, a citrine, with all the glorious shades of gold, yellow, brown and even a pale golden white.  Her coat also has a unique gleam that dazzles the eye in the sun light.

Not since red have we found a color we love more and for my husband this is definitely his favorite.  Of course Esenia was a present for him and he is quite taken with her.  We are fortunate to have this lovely girl, not only a beautiful golden Siberian kitten but affectionate and darling as well.  She has truly made us fall in love all over again with this amazing breed.

We are proud to announce the launch of our Golden Siberian Cat program here at Pendraig Siberian Cats.   To compliment Esenia we are getting more golden carriers to augment our lines and help us to produce some rare golden Siberian Cats, hopefully!  We hope to bring Golden, and lovely warm brown tabby cats into the homes of people all over the United States and perhaps even further.

Seeing a great deal of inbreeding among some of the more prestigious catteries we also hope to bridge the gap and bring genetic diversity back to golden lines.  We are in a unique position to do this thanks to our own exclusive foundation line.  We are also getting our golden carrier male, a gorgeous silver tabby named Duke from foundation lines that carry golden.  Combined we should have some of the most beautiful Golden Siberian Cats with the most diverse genetics available.  We can only hope to do our predecessors proud and one day produce the amazing type, superior health and beauty they have become known for in Russia and beyond.

We are also happy to make new friends within the golden loving community as we strive together to preserve this rare color and also to promote it and educated judges and breeders alike on how to recognize and how to breed for these precious gems.

Look for more in the future as we welcome our other golden line Siberian Cats to our Cattery here in Texas.  We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.


Dawn Campbell

Pendraig Siberian Cats – Breeder of Reds, Torbies, Silvers, Browns and now Golden Siberian Cats!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Siberian Kittens born to Lily and Grisha at Pendraig

Congratulations to Lily and Grisha who have produced a gorgeous litter of kittens for us!  Lily went into labor late yesterday afternoon and promptly delivered all three kittens before midnight.  She is an old pro now and didn't need any help.  However, she wasn't happy unless I stayed by her side.

We are so proud of our girl with her beautiful litter and once again we are proud to see Grisha's influence in producing some wonderful coats and type.  This litter unites lines from the Black cattery on both sides of the pedigree.

We have one spotted red male (looks to be a darker silver with classic pattern genes).  We also have a nice torbie that may turn silver by the time she is mature and a girl that appears to be a dark smoke tortie.  All are so beautiful!

We know the new kitten owners will be thrilled and all of these kittens are on hold pending reservations from those on the waiting list.  This just leaves us with Eowyn's litter which is due in about a month.

Thank you again to Lily for being such a great mom!

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