Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Siberian Kittens for Christmas

Image of pregnant Siberian Cat. Lily has done it again and this is her last litter with us, no surprise she’s going out with a bang.  Her litter with Karat is amazing.  This is a bitter sweet moment for me because Lily is near and dear to my heart and has been one amazing mother, a loving and sweet companion and she understands me.  I tell her to get in her nesting box and she does, I ask her if she’s hungry and she lets me know, she is going into labor she tells me and wants to cuddle.  She is retiring to live with our dear friends and their sweet children, one of which is allergic to cats so she is a very special pet for him.  I am going to miss her dearly and cannot help but consider keeping one of these of her kittens.  My cattery has had some great success and it is due in no small part to her.Image of Golden tabby Siberian Cat.

I also have to thank Karat and his breeders.  Both Jorrah and Forestwind Siberian Cats have done an amazing job of putting some of the best traditional lines together and Karat has so much to give to my cattery  I am so grateful to them both for letting us care for, love and use this wonderful male for the year.  I will hope and pray that besides his obviously good looks they also get his amazing temperament and sultry green eyes.

Now onto the introductions for our new Siberian Kittens.

Meet the Boy: A Silver Tabby Siberian Kitten

Image of silver Siberian Kitten.

Darling and handsome this boy looks so much like his father, Karat, only in a lovely silver shade.

He has a promising muzzle already and was born with a hefty weight.  He was our first kitten and I wondered if Lily was going to give me some males for once.  She has only had a few in her breeding career which is surprising as most breeders complain of having way too many male kittens.

He is definitely on hold.

Meet the Girls:  More Torbie Siberian Kittens

Image of silver torbie Siberian Kitten.

This sweet girl has the most red on her than any of the others, at least for now.  She has a lovely blazing red head which I noticed immediately when she was born.  She is the second kitten born of this great litter.

I am already quite smitten with her dazzling pattern, bright colors and large muzzle.

This girl is also on hold.

Image of brown siberian kitten

This lovely girl is a very warm brown tabby with inky black markings.  I believe she is a torbie but the red is hard to find right now so we shall wait and see.

She is lovely and large and if she inherits her father’s startling green eyes will definitely be a looker.

This sweet girl is on hold for now.

Image of brown torbie female siberian kitten.

This is the darker girl but she is definitely a brown torbie with a half red foot and some dazzling markings.

She is large and quite sweet already.  We expect she will be the apple of her new parent’s eyes when they take her home.

She is on hold for a family on our waiting list.

Image of silver siberian kitten.


And finally we have this stunning and large girl.  She seems to be silver but it’s early to tell.  She is so sweet and adorable.

I love her strong chin and big muzzle.  Her markings are also quite alluring as they just have that painted on look which I’ve come to admire within the golden line Siberian cats.

She is also on hold for now.

Getting a Pendraig Siberian Kitten

We hope you have enjoyed seeing our lovely Christmas Siberian Kitten Litter.  We will be updating with new photos as they grow.

It is likely all these kittens will be taken by those waiting patiently on our waiting list but we encourage you to fill out an application for kitten adoption if you are interested in our kittens.  Though it sometimes requires some waiting our previous clients can tell you that it is well worth the wait to get a kitten from Pendraig Siberian Cats and to become part of our growing cat family.

Happy Holidays!

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