Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dica’s Kittens… update

This is a great new litter for us at Pendraig Siberian Cats.  We continue our prized foundation line SunFire with the help Nadezhda Siberians and their gorgeous stud, Zoran.  We are so proud of Dica, she is an excellent and devoted mother and couldn’t be more special or more loved in our hearts and now beloved also by our friends at Nadezhda.

Meet the Siberian Kitten Girls

Image of Siberian Kitten a lovely blue tortie and white. This is the lovely and tiny little blue tortie and white girl (calico).  Despite her small size she is a little fighter and we have hopes she will continue to gain well and survive.  Breeding cats is sometimes a very sad and difficult task as it does not take long to become very attached to the little ones especially the ones that need the extra care and love like this little girl.  We are calling her “Little Blue” for now and we need as many prayers and positive thoughts sent her way as possible.

Image of torbie Siberian kitten in Texas.

This girl is big and bold with striking markings!  We think she is a silver torbie but it’s hard to say as her nose looks brownish.  Some of our silver Siberian kittens start out with some brownish tones

to their coat and develop the inhibitor gene as their coat grows out.  This girl has great promise as Zoran’s kittens usually do and we are very pleased overall with the quality of this litter and the match between our Siberian Cat Dica and the stunning stud that lives at Nadezhda Siberians.

Image of silver torbie Siberian kitten from a Siberian Cattery.

Large and darling this girl is a hopeful for a future queen.  We are holding her pending evaluation.  She is a beautiful silver torbie with wonderful white markings.

She reminds me of Galina from a previous Siberian kitten litter we had last spring.  Her markings are eye catching and we are hopeful we will have a SunFire line female kitten to show in CFA and TICA next year.  She has signs already of the signature, and luxurious coat of the Cica cattery’s Siberian cats.

Meet the Siberian Kitten Boys

Photo of cameo classic siberian kitten at Pendraig a Texas Siberian Cattery.

We have three lovely red boys.  The first is the lighter silver classic.  He has a wonderful swirl on each side and white back legs.  He may have white front paws but it is hard to see in a red silver kitten this young.

He has a thick coat already an a beautiful head shape.  He alternates with his near twin for biggest in the litter, they trade off each day with one being a gram or two heavier.

Photo of a red silver classic Siberian kitten.

His brother here is almost identical and we have trouble telling them apart initially.  He is slightly darker than his brother and has less white on his back legs.

This boy has a really wide muzzle and strong chin already, the great Cica coat and of course a stunning classic pattern.  He is on hold pending evaluation.

He is a chunky monkey like his brother and it is cute to watch them wiggle and squirm pushing each other off the prime nursing areas.

Image of red spotted siberian kitten.

Last but not least we have the last red boy who has the interesting and unique large spots similar to his mother.  He has a wonderful coat as you can see in this photo and he is a little darling.

He was one of the kittens we began to supplement as he was not gaining as well but we are happy to report that he is now gaining well and is on his way to being a robust red tabby Siberian cat like his great great grandfather, our first Siberian, Boris.

That concludes the introductions!  Soon we will get photos to commemorate their first week.  Their eyes will begin to open soon as well and that is always a joy to have the little guys start to see us and interact with their environments more.

All of these kittens are on hold for those on our waiting list and are not available.  If you would like a Pendraig Siberian Kitten of your very own please contact us or fill out an application and we will add you to our waiting list.  We have two more exciting litters due this month including Lily on Christmas Day and Eowyn on New Years Day.

Happy Holidays from Pendraig Siberian Cats!

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