Friday, December 4, 2009

New Siberian Kittens… for Christmas!

That’s right, its going to be a busy Christmas holiday here at Pendraig Siberian Cats.  We have 3 litters of kittens due over the holidays and our waiting lists are  nearly full.  Our lovely girl Dica is due with Zoran’s kittens (from stud Nadezhda Siberian Cats) any day now.  We have a gorgeous stud visiting us from Forestwind Siberians named Karat and he has potentially sired two upcoming litters.  One is with Lily and she is due on Christmas day if she is pregnant, which looks likely. The second is with Eowyn who is due for New Year’s Day.

Photo of Siberian cat Pendraig Boudicca Aslanovna SunFire a spotted Siberian cat queen at Texas cattery Pendraig. Our girl Pendraig Boudicca Aslanovna SunFire has developed alluring deep green eyes as she has matured.  Her coat is very good and her type is showing the promise I saw in her as a very young kitten that fit in the palm of my hand.  She has a very unusual spotting pattern with classic that creates large spots that are almost, but not quite, rosettes.  She has a generally sweet nature, mixed with the appropriate level of “tortitude”, and is intelligent and supremely healthy.  We have been looking forward to his litter for a long time and we hope to get a potential keeper for our cattery to continue the generations of the SunFire line we treasure so much.  This waiting list is full for now unless she has a HUGE litter of Siberian Kittens.

Photo of Sunbeam Lilyana of Pendraig Lily is Dica’s mother and she has given us a few great litters.     After one more litter Lily will be retiring to live with our dear friends here in Central Texas and we are glad that she will have a home where she is adored by the love of a little boy.  There is nothing greater or more powerful than the love of a child.  Lily’s kittens with Karat should show serious promise and we hope his large size, exceptional character, amazing green eyes and intelligence will be passed onto his kittens.  We know from past experiences Lily produces kittens in a riot of unusual and flashy colors with exceptional personalities ideal for loving and adoring their future human companions.

Photo of Pendraig Eowyn a blue silver spotted tabby Siberian Cat. Eowyn is our shy and sweet blue silver tabby.  Her silver is very difficult to see but she passes it on nicely to her kittens sometimes.  She is bred to the hunk Karat and we are hoping for wonderful green eyes siberian kittens since both parents have them as well as very large size as Eowyn is a hefty, big boned beauty.  Eowyn also has the amazing Cica coat and we hope she will pass that onto her kittens.  We are considering retaining one of her kittens so we can retire this lovely girl to a life of luxury.

In 2010 we have some exciting developments including our first litter where Golden Siberian Cats will be possible.  Check back for a big update on our plans for the New Year.

Photo of Esenia Auric of Pendraig Siberian Cats a golden spotted siberian cat Photo of golden carrier torbie Siberian cat Forestwind Gemma of Pendraig.

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