Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcoming another Siberian Cat Litter!

Our lovely girl Eowyn had given birth to three beautiful Siberian Kittens.  We are proud of her and of Favst for this lovely litter with some of the most beautiful colors we have yet to see.

"Johann" - the black smoke and white Siberian kitten is what some describe as a "tuxedo". He is our first Siberian kitten of this unique color. He is a gorgeous boy who will have the smokey black of his grandsire, Grisha but with white cheeks, nose, belly and feet just like Favst. He is on hold for Kate on our waiting list!

"Jehanne" - the tortie female, possibly a smoke Siberian. She looks much like her great great aunt.  She is now available.

"Jakime" - is the big and beautiful brown classic tabby male. He is very large already and has a gorgeous swirl pattern that will make many a heart skip a beat.  We love this name for him as it is pronounced similar to "Yah-keem" we think!  And one of my favorite actors is Joaquin Phoenix.  He is very talented and perhaps this boy will be as well.

Photos coming soon!

Thank you for your great interest in our Siberian Cattery!  We hope you enjoy our stories and our photos.


Dawn Campbell
Pendraig Siberian Cats
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Friday, August 7, 2009

More YouTube Siberian Kitten Stars from Pendraig!

We've had some fun making these videos of our Siberian kittens and our son Gabriel.  There are more to come and maybe in the coming weeks we can do even more of them.

I know I'd like to get some video of Dica's stunning litter!  They are just so gorgeous and as Drako gets older he is turning more and more silver and reminding me a lot of Aslan his grandsire.

Thanks to all our video fans! =)  Let us know what you think about these videos and be sure to rate them for us on YouTube.

And be sure to watch this one for the surprise ending! =)

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Two of our Siberian Kittens in their new home! Now YouTube Stars!

We were so pleased to see this video made by the two young ladies who now own our lovely girls Godava and Miku (formerly Gertruda).

As you can see they are settling in well and are already spoiled!  Look at all those toys.

This video is so well made and clever, it was such a joy to see them again.  Gabriel really enjoyed it and started meowing and pointing at them right away.  He recognized the kittens he helped to raise.

We hope their new family loves them and has many many years of joy!  We can tell by this video that our girls have a wonderful home.  Thank you!!

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