Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dica’s Romantic Getaway


Our lovely girl Dica leaves on Sept 17, 2009 for her romantic getaway.  She will be meeting Grisha’s handsome half brother, the stunning Zoran.  He resides at Nadezhda Siberian Cats in Houston.

After this litter we hope to get her on a nice long break.  If you have wanted a kitten out of Dica to call your own please don’t hesitate.  It will be late next year before she is bred again.

If Dica cycles on schedule she will be bred soon for Kittens in November or December.  It is our hope that we will get a gorgeous male out of our SunFire line combined with Zoran’s large size, good looks and amazing muzzle.Drako_2009July28_001

Dica’s two kittens from her first litter with Grisha are quite lovely, large and amazing.  The male red silver classic Siberian Cat Drako is going as a stud and show prospect to a new cattery.  His sister Halinka has already left for her home and is settled in with her new boyfriend and her new momma.  Please read our Siberian Kitten testimonials to see how she’s settling in.

Zoran We know that our hard work over the past 5 years has finally started paying off and that is in large part to finding a great stud like Grisha and now Zoran.  The Cica cattery truly has created some amazing studs in these two boys.  We are blessed to have Nadezhda Siberians working so closely with us to achieve this dream come true litter for us.

Dica will leave for her romantic getaway on Thursday and return to us in a few weeks if all goes as planned.  Zoran’s wonderful family is going to take great care of our little girl and if it wasn’t for this wonderful friendship we’d never consider using an outside stud in this manner.

We cannot wait to see the kittens these two cats produce.  If Zoran’s first litter is any indication these kittens will be amazing.

Please check back often for updates!


Dawn Campbell

Pendraig Siberian Cats - Texas

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