Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pendraig's Obsession with Red Siberian Cats!

Image of Red Siberian Cat Pendraig Red Sonja SunFireThe true love of red starts in my childhood, when I found a litter of kittens in the neighborhood.  All the boys were red and the girls were color points that looked much like Ragdolls.  I begged and pleaded to my parents and they let me pick two to bring home.  The colorpoint female was my mom's but the red boy, he was mine.  I named him Tiger.  I will always remember him and my love of red has never wavered.

When I found the Siberian Cats it was love at first sight.  I had always loved Russia with it's unique culture and history.  And here was a piece of Russia that I could have in my home.  When I began looking at different breeders I would come back again and again to one that had a red male.

At the time it seemed red was a very unpopular color in the breed.  Indeed more than a few breeders told me I was crazy to breed with that color as they found the color impossible to place.  I guess they just didn't have the love of reds that I do, and I believe there are many other lovers of red out there.  They contact me daily asking for a red kitten!

Out of my first litter I was blessed with 2 red females, a rare treat.  One was Sonja, who is a rare red solid with green eyes.  She is my pride and joy and like most red cats I've known she is extremely sweet, loves to cuddle and will play all day with my toddler.  Sonja is also the carrier of my rare foundation line that is exclusive to the breed.

Sonja had only one litter but her son, Aslan has been a wonderful producer of kittens for us including some beautiful reds.  And when it came time to retire Aslan from breeding we knew we could never part with him.

And now there is Favst.  Aslan's son out of his last litter with Lily.  Favst is a representation of all our hopes as he shows us great progress in type, coat and also he has the wonderful personality of his grandmother and sire.  Another glorious red to join the ranks of the Pendraig Red Siberian Cats.

Though we work with other colors, and will be focusing on an additional color that is as bright and glorious as red we will always have a special place in our hearts for red.  We hope you enjoy these photos of our Red Siberian Cats!  And do not forget to check out our website on Siberian Cat Colors for even more photos.

Long live the Red Siberian Cats!


Dawn Campbell
Breeder of Red Siberian Cats

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