Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Siberian Kittens – L Litter – 2 weeks old

Photo of Siberian kittens at two weeks

Where does the time go?  I can hardly know!  Seems like somehow between all the feedings, cleaning up, changing litter boxes and cuddle time the kittens are growing faster than I can keep track.

Lily’s litter of Siberian kittens is now 2 weeks old and more adorable every day.  The warmth is coming into their tabby patterns and on the girls there is more and more red coming out.

Lily is a devoted, dedicated and loving mother.  She enjoys sharing her duties with her daughter and helps to care for her grandchildren.

Enjoy the photos of our two week old kittens.

Group Photos Siberian Kittens

Image of Siberian kittens at two weeks old. 

Image of Siberian kittens. 

The “red faced” torbie Siberian kitten (Female)



Our darling girl with the red flame on her head is growing into such a big girl.  She is sweet and loving already.

She is available to those on our waiting list.


The “red footed” torbie Siberian kitten (Female)



This little girl is slightly darker than her sister the warm brown torbie but she is beautiful.  She has partially red feet and is adorable and sweet.

She is playful and enjoys a good romp with her siblings.

She is on hold for our waiting list.


The “warm brown” torbie Siberian Kitten (Female)

Image of warm brown tabby Siberian Kitten. Sweet and darling girl with a beautiful honey brown coloring coming in.  She is a torbie but it’s really hard to tell right now.

She is already starting to play with her siblings and loves to cuddle. 

She is on hold for our waiting list.


The Silver Torbie Siberian Kitten (Female)

Image of Silver Siberian Kitten at Pendraig.

This is a lovely silver Siberian Kitten female with some red patches.

She is a bit of a princess already and knows she’s royalty.

She is available to our waiting list.


The Silver Tabby Siberian Kitten (Male)

Image of Silver Siberian Kitten. The only boy in the group but he’s not lonely.  He’s a big and robust boy with a sweet disposition and what promises to be stunning good looks.  His markings are distinct and vibrant. 

He is available to our waiting list.


Want a Pendraig Siberian Kitten?

Well you aren’t alone!  Right now the waiting list is full but we are accepting a few more limited positions for our planned spring and summer litters.  If you’d like to inquire please fill out an application.  In our spring litters we are expecting more warm brown torbies like the girl above and hopefully a few rare golden Siberian kittens.  We also will have some torbies girls and red boys possible in the summer litter.

Have a great day!

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