Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Traditional Siberian Kittens

Image of Traditional Siberian Kittens at Pendraig.

Eowyn and Karat have blessed us with a litter of large and lovely tabby kittens on December 29, 2009.  Just days before New Year’s we were glad to make their acquaintance and welcome them into the world.

Now onto the introductions.  We have two boys and two girls.  This is the “M” litter and we will be deciding on names for them shortly.

Male Tabby Siberian Kittens

We have two wonderful boys.  One is darkly handsome and the other warm brown like his handsome daddy.  Both boys are large and robust.

Image of warm brown tabby Siberian kitten.The “warm” brown tabby already looks much like his daddy, Jorrah Karat.  He has a beautiful almost gold under coat with inky black stripes.His coat already shows promise to be thick like the Cica cats from his mother’s side.

We haven’t had any warm brown tabby Siberian cats born here until this year so it will be a great experience to see his color develop.

 Photo of traditional black tabby siberian kitten.The other boy is a darker tabby with the same inky black markings on a darker background.  He is large and robust also and his coat is slightly more dense than his brother.  It will be fun watching him grow and watching his coat colors change as well.

I expect he will be “Tall, dark and handsome” when he grows up.


Female Tabby Siberian Kittens

We have two big girls with beautiful patterns.  One has much wider stripes and almost looks classic.  The other has more stripes in a pretty and even pattern that is mesmerizing.


The sweet darker striped girl has inky black markings on a medium warm back ground.  These markings will be very striking when she is fully mature.  She is showing signs of the Cica coat also.

I do wonder if it is a classic pattern and one more experienced breeder thinks it might be so.  It would be interesting for sure and if she is then we know that Karat carries for classic.

Image of tiger striped Siberian kitten. The other sweet girl has more of a ribbed type stripe, ideal for a mackerel pattern and showing some lovely color.  Her coloring reminds me of my cat Whiskers that I had as a child.  Whiskers was very beautiful.

This darling is also the bigger of the two girls and has great promise.


Buying a Siberian Kitten

Buying a Siberian kitten is a big decision for you and your family.  Here at Pendraig we do all we can to make that process easy and fun but we also want to be sure each and every kitten is going to a good home where they will be safe and loved.  We also want to make sure each kitten will be fed a healthy diet and given the best of care for their entire lives.

If you feel you can provide such a home then please fill out an application and we will begin the process to get you started with a Pendraig Siberian Cat of your very own.

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