Thursday, January 7, 2010

4 Week Old Siberian Kittens

The little darlings are now 4 weeks old and they cannot be any cuter.  They now follow us around the nursery, calling and exploring the world.  Today they also started drinking water from the bowl and checking out the food bowl.  It won’t be long before they are tearing into their mom’s food.  They are also starting their litter box training and have wonderful and neat habits from the start.

This is also when we announce their official names.  Thanks to their new parents we had an easy time naming our “K” litter of Siberian Kittens.

First we will introduce the two kittens that are staying here as the future of Pendraig Siberian Cats.

Future Siberian Stud for Pendraig

Image of Red Silver Classic Siberian Kitten at Pendraig.


Our newest stud in training has great potential.  He has the classic pattern we love, a lovely silver shade, adorable white paws, cheeks and tummy and the tiniest white tip on his tail.

It’s early to tell but he seems to have a beautiful muzzle and head shape and of course the wonderful Cica coat from his sire Cica’s Zoran Yaroslavovich Black.  He’s daring and he loves to explore.

His name is Pendraig Korsak Zoranovich SunFire.  We will call him Korsak.  He is named after the striking and beautiful Corsac Fox found in parts of Russia and Asia.  The fox has a unique coloring that is silver and red.



Future Siberian Queen Hopeful for Pendraig

Image of silver calico Siberian Kitten.

Captivating, this little girl can’t help but steal your heart.  She is like a movie star and we hope she continues to have that dazzle at the cat shows.

She’s also sweet, cuddly and adorable.  She loves to greet us as soon as we come into the nursery and she enjoys following our son around.

Today she was the most cooperative for the photo shoot and didn’t seem to mind the flash of the camera.

We have named her Pendraig Kyllikki Zoranovna SunFire.  Kyllikki is from Finnish folklore and also one of my favorite books.  She definitely deserves to be named after a Finnish goddess… look at that face.

Photo of silver calico Siberian kitten.

Another Handsome Fellow

Kafka_20090106_003 The near twin of our beautifully handsome Korsak this boy has the same gorgeous classic pattern and red silver color though his is a bit lighter and will be more silver as he matures. 

He has an adorable white tip on his tail, white feet and white throat and chest.  He is endearing and fun loving, always exploring and the first to taste water out of the bowl.  He is going home with the blue calico girl and they will make a handsome pair.

His name is Pendraig Kafka Zoranovich SunFire.  His new “parents'” have named him Kafka. His call name is going to be “Beckett” which I think is very fitting to his personality.


Image of red silver siberian kitten.

The Bold and Beautiful Girl

Photo of calico Siberian Kitten. We very nearly had to keep this girl.  She has amazing heft and is the biggest kitten in the entire litter.  She is like a lead weight.  She also has the most striking coloring and pattern and her coat is dense and beautiful.  It wasn’t an easy decision passing on her for our cattery but I know her future owner is happy that we did.

This girl is a tad more reserved than her sister Kyllikki but she is still outgoing, smart and sweet.  She enjoys a good cuddle and will follow me around the nursery.  She is very smart and is finding ways to get into trouble much faster than her siblings.

Her name is Pendraig Kira Zoranovna SunFire.  Her name Kira was picked out by her future owner and we think it fits her perfectly.  It is a perfect name for this bold and beautiful Siberian kitten.

Image of black torbie siberian kitten.

The Beautiful Red Boy

Image of red spotted Siberian Kitten.

This boy has a beautiful and intense red coloring.  He reminds me very much of his great grandmother Sonja.

He is gorgeous and sweet and has a great new family lined up with two devoted new parents.  He is sweet and gentle, always ready to cuddle and very laid back.  He is also smart and inquisitive.

His name is Pendraig Krasnoi Zoranovich SunFire.  Krasnoi means “Red, beautiful” and he is definitely both.  We are so proud of this little guy.  He has his mother’s distinct spotting too which makes him unique.


Darling “Little Blue” – Not so Little

Image of blue smoke calico Siberian kitten. Now we come to our little miracle child.  The tiny kitten born premature and the smallest kitten we’ve ever had born alive.  I fretted night and day, did some supplemental feedings and read some very depressing statistics in books and articles on kittens.  Despite the dismal odds they gave her to make it two weeks here she is at 4 weeks and getting big.  She is sweet and playful but always gentle and kind.

She is our little princess of the litter and her brothers seem protective of her like big brothers should be.  She also had a surprise in store for us as her coat is turning smoke so she will be a smoke blue tortie and white Siberian kitten.

Her name is Pendraig Kasmir Zoranovna SunFire and was named by her future owners.  She will be going to live with her brother Kafka and has a devoted and excited family awaiting her.  From their emails I can already tell she and her brother will be spoiled rotten.

Photo of blue smoke tortie and white Siberian kitten.

We hope you have enjoyed this photo update of our little darlings.  We will start spacing out photo sessions now so I can get a break and so they don’t get too frustrated with flashing cameras.

All of these kittens are now reserved and held for their future homes.  Thank you to all their new families!  We have found some wonderful people to share our Pendraig Cat Family with and we hope to have a long and happy friendship with you all.

If you’d like to get on our waiting list for this spring and summer please fill out an application.

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