Thursday, January 14, 2010

L Litter – Siberian kittens 3 weeks old

Siberian Kitten Photo Update

These little guys are advancing with leaps and bounds.  They do not want to be outdone by Dica’s kittens and don’t seem to care that they are almost 2 weeks older.  Already they are running amok in the nursery, playing and pouncing, investigating food bowls and learning to use a litter box.  They aren’t quite ready to eat solid food yet but it' will be any day now.

We are pleased to announce that all the kittens are reserved except one that is being held for a potential breeder and show cat.  We enjoy taking photos and videos yesterday as well and hope that you all enjoy watching them grow and thrive as much as we do.

Siberian Kittens Pendraig’s L Litter 2009 Photos

image of breeder quality siberian kitten.

These sweet and darling girl is still awaiting her new name.  She is currently on hold as a potential breeder and show prospect.

She is a lovely silver with her sire’s great muzzle and we hope his green eyes as well but only time will tell.

She is calm and sweet, loves to cuddle and we think will take well to the busy show halls.  We are setting her up with a new breeder protégé and we hope she gets to enjoy all her potential.

Photo of brown torbie siberian kitten.

This little girl is going to a special family and as a surprise for one lucky little lady… best not to give too much away though!

She is sweet and affectionate and has an affinity for our small son.  She is also very gentle and patient with him so we know she will make a wonderful companion for a loving child.


This little girl has been named “Lada” after the Slavic goddess of beauty.  What a fitting name with her flame of red on her head and those gorgeous eyes.

She is going to a wonderful family that we have been pleased to get to know recently.  She is also great with our toddler and will make a wonderful companion for a family.

Image of warm brown torbie Siberian kitten.

This little girl has been named Leia and it’s a fitting name for this little princess.  She has a warm almost honey brown coat coming in that looks so much like her sire, Karat.

She is sweet and intelligent, one of the first in her litter to explore the nursery, use the litter box and today she was investigating the food the older kittens were eating.

Image of silver mackerel tabby Siberian cat male.

This is the single male in Lily’s litter.  He may be out numbered but he hold’s his own and he’s absolutely beautiful.

His name is Lazar Leonid, picked out by his future owner.  He looks like a silver version of his sire, Karat.  He’s sweet and affectionate with me and always says hello as soon as he sees me.  He’s definitely a ladies man.

We hope you have enjoyed the photos of our Siberian kittens at 3 weeks.  All are reserved or being held for their owners.  We are planning our Siberian kitten litters for Spring and Summer 2010 but we are close to closing those waiting lists.  If you are interested please fill out an application for a Siberian Kitten today.

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