Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It’s nearly official… all kittens reserved

It’s been a busy month for us taking care of all these amazing kittens, updating new potential owners and responding to tons and tons of applications.  Our waiting list is growing and we are so happy to welcome so many wonderful and devoted pet lovers to our future cat family.

As for the litters we have now they are all on hold, all but one is official!  We are just waiting on one last deposit to be received.

Thank you to everyone who has picked out a kitten.  Many of you had a good long wait and we appreciate your patience.  Good things come to those who wait, right?

Those of you who missed out on this litter if you are on our waiting list we have some exciting plans for spring and summer.  If you aren’t on our Siberian kitten waiting list, what are you waiting for?

Winter 2010 we may breed Dica again but it will be a lighter holiday season for us.  We do have some exciting plans to expand our cattery and new breeders we are working with.  There are many good things to come.

We are so flattered and honored to have the interest of so many wonderful people.  Thank you to each and every one of you.  Without you this cattery could not exist.  We breed in hopes of producing top quality cats and insuring a bright future for this wonderful breed but if we didn’t have dedicated and loving pet owners we could never succeed.  I know the Siberian Cat Breed thanks you as well.

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