Sunday, April 19, 2009

Siberian Kittens - 3 weeks old!

We have the 3 week old photos of the Siberian kittens up now! 

Godava - The mostly white Siberian kitten is developing nicely.  We have decided to keep her at least long enough to get her evaluated by some judges.  If she gets a good evaluation then we will keep her on for showing (unless a suitable show home would like her).

Galina - The lovely silver torbie is going to be so beautiful and will make someone a wonderful pet.  She is a doll who loves to sleep on my feet on the ottoman.  She could possibly be shown but her type isn't quite what I look for in a show cat.  She is a striking girl and will have a bright and clear silver color to her.  She is still available.

Gertruda - The warm brown tabby, with the flame of red on half her face is now reserved!  She is a gorgeous girl also and has very good type.  I wouldn't mind having her evaluated either but she will probably leave for her loving home before that.  We are so grateful to her new Mom for providing a future home of love and happiness for her.

We are very pleased with this litter of Siberian kittens!  Thank you to Zoya the wonderful mom for taking such awesome care of her babies.  We've never had kittens so huge and fat.  It's wonderful.

Zoya's going to retire to her new home in August after the babies leave.  We are going to miss her but she has a very wonderful new Mom waiting for her. =)

Love to you and yours!

Dawn, Doug & Gabriel plus Our Siberian Cat Family and Connor our ASD!
Pendraig Siberian Cats

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