Thursday, April 2, 2009

Siberian Cat Updates!

We hope you all have had a wonderful week!  It's nearly Friday and we cannot wait for the weekend.  We will be working on our raised bed gardens and getting ready to build our chicken tractors!

But enough of the farm updates... onto the Siberian Cats!

We are happy to announce that Dica was put with Grisha, again and this time it *seems* like they successfully mated.  We are hoping that she takes this time as it is our 3rd try with the two of them.  If she does not we have a dear friend who has offered her male to us and we will try them.  Thank you so much for the kitten buyers on her waiting list who have been so patient with this unusual situation.

Also, Lily was due for her next mating so we put her with Grisha a few days later.  He's been busy the last two weeks!  We are hoping that mother and daughter can have their babies around the same time and Lily can help show her the ropes.

If these girls took we are expecting kittens around May 28th for Dica and June 2nd for Lily.

And of course we still have 3 of Zoya's kittens available to loving homes.  See their photos on our Siberian kittens for Sale page.

Have a wonderful week.  Bless you!


Dawn Campbell

Siberian Cat Breeder
Pendraig Siberian Cats

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