Sunday, May 3, 2009

Favst's First Show

Favst did very well but was rather scared. We are hoping that as we continue to take him to shows he will relax. Especially in July when another cat joins him on the show circuit.

In this photo he was finally starting to perk up though I think it was just to flirt with the pretty Ragdoll next door.

We had professional photographs taken of him by Larry Johnson. Favst wasn't very cooperative and I was pleased with how the photographer got him interested by using various teasers and also talking gently and petting Favst. I cannot wait to see these photos!

Thank you to the great people who put on this CFA cat show! I know with these tough economic times it is not easy for the breed clubs to get the shows going, get enough entries and break even on the shows. I wish we could have attended Sunday's show but we are attending my sister's birthday party instead and it is good as our toddler (and his daddy!) are worn out from yesterday.

We are also grateful to all the people who not only tolerated a rambunctious toddler running around the show hall but many seemed to enjoy watching his antics. The gentleman running the raffle was one of Gabriel's favorite people and they had a blast.

Favst will be an uncle at the end of the month and also have new brothers and sisters . His sister Dica and his mom Lily are due almost at the same time. We look forward to more outstanding cats! Grisha is the sire for both litters so we should see some fantastic coats and type.

Favst was commented on by one judge as having great promise, an outstanding head shape and good boning for a kitten his age. She said she looked forward to seeing him as an adult. Favst's next shows will be in the Open class in CFA and Championship in TICA as he ages out of the Kitten class on May 14th.

Have a blessed day!

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