Saturday, April 4, 2009

HCM Screening on our Boys!

We have excellent news so far in that they received a preliminary "clear" or "good".  Both our boys behaved well though Aslan was a bit scared and squirmed.

We will get the official results in a few weeks and it is a great relief to have our first HCM health screenings done with such a good preliminary result.  We were hoping to take Lily as well but unfortunately didn't have enough room in the truck with our son as well.

At the next screening we will take Dica and Lily if they are not pregnant or caring for kittens.  It is our goal to have all of our breeding stock scanned regularly once they are 1 or 2 years of age.

It is important to us as breeders, and stewards of the Siberian Cat Breed to help prevent major health problems within our breed by screening our cats and maintaining healthy lines.  We also donate money to the research fund to find a DNA marker but even if one is discovered we will continue to have the screenings performed.

Thank you to wonderful CFA Region 3 who helped us get our boys screened for HCM.  Thank you to Christie for organizing it and helping us get a good time for our appointment to accomodate our drive from Austin and our 19 month old son.  Thank you also to Darlene Thomas for letting us use her store Cats Unlimited and for letting our son run amok among the cat toys.  He had a blast.

Have a great weekend!


Dawn Campbell
Siberian Cat Breeder @ Pendraig Siberian Cats

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