Thursday, March 26, 2009

Siberian kittens in a riot of color!

Silver Siberian Kittens at Pendraig Siberian cats in TexasAs promised here are some photos *and* a video!  We have another video to upload though it's no more exciting.  As the kittens get older and move around more we should have some great fun then.

We are thrilled with the overall size and health of the litter.  We are also seeing some nice coats and of course the striking colors are just wonderful.  We hope this little girls will have the great type of their sire but the bigger size of their dam.  We'd love to see one or two of these girls shown in CFA or TICA but likely it will only the kitten we keep.  Show homes are difficult to find in these difficult economic times.

First here is the YouTube video.  Sonja, the grandmother of the litter is also there.  She had to be part of the scene.  Also the strange background noise is our son, Gabriel, making strange noises that kind of sounding like the kittens mewing but on the video sound smore like a Yorkie.

And now for some photos! Here is one of the more striking color combinations. She looks like a tortie and white, almost a van pattern but I suspect she's really a smoke and the red isn't showing well yet. You can also call her a calico.

Photo of unusual smoke calico Siberian kitten from Pendraig Siberians

We are not sure yet of any show or breeding quality though I do have my eye on one that I think will be the keeper for us from this litter. Zoya is being retired to a wonderful pet home so this is her only litter. This is also Aslan's last litter before he was retired so these kittens are very special.

We will update with more photos and of course we also have a photo album created on Facebook in the Siberian Cats Page.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we do and we look forward to meeting the new families that will join the Pendraig Siberian Cat family!

We do have some reservations on this litter. However, some of these kittens may be available please contact us for more information.

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Silver torbie Siberian kitten breeder potential we believe.


Katyenka Siberians said...

Congratulations !!!!!
Oh my goodness I just adore that little high white baby girl she has such unusual coat do you really think she is a smoke ????
I think she should come to the UK & live with me hehehe

Pendraig Siberians said...

She might be a smoke, the splotch on her face is very pale but she's not blue/dilute. I've had unusual smokes that no one can understand because they are part smoke and part not! She would be the second but we will have to see when she's older. =)

I am glad you like her! I have no Siberians of mine residing outside the USA yet =).