Sunday, August 24, 2008

South Central TICA Cat Show - Austin Texas

We had so much fun! But it was exhausting with our son. =) He behaved very well though and managed to charm all the ladies in the show hall. He also had a blast "helping" set up the show cages and watching all the kitties.

Doug was supposed to get some photos of our cats as they were judged but came home with only photos of our adorable son. =) The photos were so nice that he was forgiven not getting any of the cats.

We enjoyed meeting new people, seeing faces we remembered from the last SC Regional and we hope we can start showing more often now that Gabriel is older. Unfortunately finding anyone who can babysit all weekend is nearly impossible plus I would miss him terribly being gone that long!

Here are a few photos of Gabriel at the show... yes he's learning to walk!

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