Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dora's Little Firecracker!!

What a gorgeous little kitten she is and you can see her handsome father in her as well. She will mature to a stunning smoke tortie with red silver blazing across her face, just like a firecracker. =)

She will be 6 weeks old on Friday and she is available to a loving and adoring home!!

These photos do not do her justice though because I need a new camera. She is not as dark as these look and she is cuddly, and sweet and actually very calm and relaxed. She is also very clever just like her daddy who is always getting into trouble. =)

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Love to you and yours!

Dawn, Doug, Gabriel and the Pendraig Kitty Clan!
Pendraig Siberians - Naturally Reared Kittens Means True Love for Life!

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