Monday, January 31, 2011

Healthy Siberian Kitten for Sale

Orange tabby siberian kitten for sale

Orange tabby Siberian kitten available

We have a cuddly orange tabby (red tabby) Siberian kitten available. He is a most adventurous, fun loving and affectionate little kitten. He may be nearly a solid red in appearance with a rich color which is exceedingly rare in our breed.

His name is Pendraig Pasha. He is out of our P Litter born on December 22, 2010 to Sunbeam Lilyana Krasa of Pendraig and Jorrah Karat. He is the last of a litter of five to find his home but we know they are out there, someone special for this fearless little lion in a kitten’s body. This time most buyers were interested in silvers or girls, but Pasha is unique and beautiful though he is not above a good kiss on his tummy and a tickle before he heads off to play more with his siblings.

Red tabby Siberian Kitten

Rawr!! I have the heart of a lion

He is used to children too, as he is handled daily by a three year old boy who thinks he’s Sonja in miniature.

Pasha loves his raw food diet and would love to teach his new owners how to feed raw diets and enjoy the benefits their cats enjoy. He could also go onto our Advanced or General Diets (with commercial foods) for families who could not do raw but when you see how much he enjoys it you may change your mind.

Pasha’s sire is large and his siblings from other litters have been of good size as well, especially the boys. He is a happy fellow and will bring you many years of happiness, laughter and joy. Are you his special home?

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