Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy 6 Month Birthday Litter B!! - Alsan & Lily's Kids 2008

Can it have gone so fast??

How can it be? It seems like just yesterday the were born in the closet of the spare bedroom. I sat with their mother Lily for 8 hours on the floor while she delivered, chatting with some of my breeder friends on my computer to pass the time. Lily wouldn’t let me leave her side so it was fortunate my mother was there to babysit my son, Gabriel.

Lily was in labor for a long time, so long I almost rushed her off to the vet but just when I was getting ready to pack her up she started to give birth to the first kitten. A breach presentation, and a HUGE kitten too. I had to help her get the kitten out and then we were off!

She quickly finished giving birth to 4 more gorgeous babies, one right after the other for the most part though it did truly take a few hours until all was done.

What a satisfying day for us as the litter was gorgeous and each kitten unique in coloring and it is over all one of the best litters we’ve ever had as far as type goes. They were healthy and robust and they are also extremely affectionate and intelligent. We could not be more proud.

Now, 6 months later we are still pleased with these lovely girls as they mature to strikingly gorgeous cats. But what makes us most happy is the new friends we made as we placed them in loving homes. Homes that are dedicated to feeding a natural diet and caring for these kittens following our natural rearing model. It amazes us every day to see the dedication and adoration each and every one of you feels for your beloved kittens that are fast becoming Siberian cats.

We have enjoyed watching them grow with you and seeing the photos and we hope that you will continue to send more! Please let us know how these girls are doing on their ½ year birthday. =)

Congratulations on being such wonderful kitten moms and dads!! =) We are so happy to have you as a part of our family and we hope that we can celebrate many more birthdays together.


Dawn, Doug, Gabriel and the Pendraig Clan

Pendraig Siberian Cats Kitten born on July 4th! Happy Independence Day!
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