Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Breeders Should Be Ashamed

Lately we've been pushing for help funding the HCM research project. Thankfully the Winn Foundation has backed the research and is going to match our funds up to $5000. However all is not well.

There are an estimated 500 breeders of Siberian cats. Do you know how many have donated even a single dollar to research? Less than 40! That's less than 10% of breeders. This is shameful, disgusting and heartbreaking.

We are the stewards of the breed, we are the ones breeding new kittens, we are the ones who are held accountable when a breed suffers from health problems. We need to step up to the plate here, we need to take responsibility for our breed. It is my opinion that if breeders really care about these cats, their kittens they produce, the future of our breed they will donate even $1 per kitten sold. If they do not then they are just breeding for self gratification either through show wins or monetary gain.

I know that most responsible breeders don't make enough money to break even most years but tacking on a small donation per kitten sale isn't going to break the bank and I'm sure kitten buyers will not only understand but be thankful that their kitten price includes a donation to such a worthy cause.

HCM is a devastating thing for the kitten buyers. Their pet goes from healthy to dying in a matter of moments and they are left wondering what happened. It is up to us breeders to try and prevent this by screening for HCM as best we can and helping fund research that will provide a better means of screening breeding cats before it's too late.

Many people are unhappy about what I have to say and I've faced censorship on some lists because of it but I refuse to keep quite. The kitten buyers deserve to know that their breeders aren't supporting health research. And I implore EVERY kitten buyer to DEMAND their breeders donate a portion of their kitten price to research. And if they refuse, find a better breeder! One that REALLY cares about the future of Siberian Cats.

To learn more about the Siberian Cat Research Fund visit their website. Also be sure to visit Winn Foundation and learn more about HCM in cats.


Judith said...

I don't think you can look into anyones wallets but your own. I don't think you can judge people while you don't know the reasoning behind why people don't donate. I find your posting judgmental and offensive. Some people actually prefer to pay for their cats before they commit to donating to research. Some people actually prefer to pay back borrowed money first instead of judging others for not donating. If we start talking about breeders that need to be ashamed of themselves, take a peek in the mirror.

Judith said...
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